Good Vibes/ Bad Vibes

by : Maggie Wahls

Have you ever walked into a store or business and felt uncomfortable there for no apparent reason? Have you ever walked into a store all happy and left quite frustrated? Have you ever wished your house could feel happier? The process called energetic clearing can make a significant improvement to any location.

There are many kinds of energy all around us. They effect where we live and are present where we work, where we go to school, in our homes and businesses. It is amazing how much these energies influence our days, our emotions, our relationships with those around us and our businesses.

Martha owned a souvenir shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since September 11 she had lost 40% of her revenue. She could only blame it on the fear of people to spend money but the loss of business was catastrophic to her livelihood. She called for an energetic clearing of her business. The Energetic Clearer went into the store and spent about one half hour actually moving the energies around, throwing out the negative influences such as fear, force fields, false beliefs and bringing into alignment the positive energies that naturally occur there. It was quite a show with the Energetic Clearer swinging her arms and throwing invisible frisbees around the store! But the next day Martha had twice as many visitors to her store as the day before. Within the first week she had increased her business by 40%. The Energetic Clearer had also given her some ideas on how to maintain the positive flow of energies and Martha shared those tips with her employees. Everyone felt happier, calmer and more positive and actually looked forward to coming to work. What a significant change!

A young fellow named Drew called an Energetic Clearer in to help with his advertising business. His company had been doing ads for small to midsize companies but were unable to land those big accounts. The Energetic Clearer found that the building was sitting on an old railroad station where thousands of strangers had started or finished their journeys at the turn of the century. People leave the energy of their presence in places like these so Drew’s customers were feeling this “travelling" energy. The Energetic Clearer moved that energy back to it’s source and brought into alignment the actual energies of Drew and his coworkers. Drew picked up four major accounts in 3 months as the clients could then feel the sense of permanence, trust and reliability in Drew’s building.

An energetic clearing can remove any blockages of positive energy, clear any obstacle and allow the natural state of harmony, prosperity and balance to again be felt clearly. Obstacles can come from a variety of sources including but not limited to astral influences, network gridding, telepathic pathways and negative beliefs. The clearing process is a spiritual technique using the assistance of highly evolved spiritual beings that guide the healer to manipulate the energy vortexes. It is based on shamanistic practices and teachings.

Energetic clearing can remove undesirable energy from homes and businesses. Clearing real estate can speed up the time it takes to sell a property. Cleared businesses always benefit from higher sales and more traffic. Employees and customers alike become more positive and joyful emotionally. Public places can be energetically cleared allowing tourism and public community events to flourish. Often, amazing results will happen within just hours of a clearing bringing significant increases of positive attraction to the location. Dentists, business owners, realtors, physicians, lawyers and property owners can all benefit from an energetic clearing. Anyplace where there is a high traffic pattern, a high level of emotion, strangers interacting, any risk of crime, even prisons and hospitals can see a significant increase of calm and prosperity.

Michael and Chris had their house cleared energetically. They had just moved into a historic 4 bedroom Tudor and felt some kind of strangeness in it. The feeling had worn off a bit as they lived there but it was still present and Chris felt it would not go away by itself. They also noticed that they were arguing with each other more than they had been before the move. The Energetic Clearer found that some discarnate souls were still present in the house and were bringing their own unhappiness into the lives of Michael and Chris. By cutting those cords of energy and manipulating the energies of the house, the Energetic Clearer was able to release those entities and restore the natural positive energy back into the home and lives of Michael and Chris. Three months later, Chris was pregnant with their first child and they both were extremely happy that they had taken care of the house before the baby was born.

An energetic clearing can do no harm and has proven to always bring an increase of harmony, peace and abundance on the location. Energetic clearings can also be done for individuals. This is a spiritual way to release feelings of despair and frustration and bring back the balance into our lives and businesses.