Hybrid or Diesel: Making the Right Choice

by : RyanThomas

Recent spikes in fuel prices have forced American car buyers to turn away from the traditional gas-guzzling vehicles. Newer vehicles received better attention due to their fuel efficiency. One of the most popular fuel misers are hybrid vehicles.

These vehicles are equipped with a small internal combustion engine and an electric motor which supplies the added power to the vehicle. Another form of fuel being looked into by car buyers are diesel engined vehicles. The diesel engine in the past received a bad reputation because of its noise and soot emission although it consumes less fuel and diesel is cheaper than gasoline.

Recent improvements on the auto industry have made diesel engines better than its ancestors. New generation diesel engines operate with less noise almost the same to that of a gasoline engine. Particulate filters also reduce the soot produced by diesel engines.

Due to these developments, car buyers are given the choice of either opting for a hybrid vehicle or a vehicle equipped with a diesel engine. In choosing which of the two is going to be the right one for car buyers, they need to consider what kind of driving they impose on their cars.

Hybrid vehicles are recommended for those who do more city than highway driving. This is because hybrid vehicles are designed for low speed driving. The engine of a hybrid electric vehicle is a small one and it is assisted by an electric motor. When the vehicle stops, the engine shuts off thus saving fuel. This is favorable for city driving where frequent stops on stop lights are needed. On highway driving and uphill climbs, the small engine will be subjected to an increased load which means that it will consume more fuel than you would actually want it to.

Diesel engines on the other hand are more efficient on high speed driving. Since it provides a lot of torque, a vehicle is given good acceleration and that is why it now popular on the European sports car. The lower price of diesel compared to gasoline also makes it a much better choice than hybrid vehicles in highway driving.

New development like particulate filters and other emission controlling parts are integrated to today's diesel engines so emissions are not a problem anymore. In addition to that, diesel engines are just experiencing the start of its development which means that in the near future, car buyers can have a diesel engine vehicle that performs even better than a gasoline one at a fraction of the cost on the pump.

Diesel engines can also run on alternative fuels like biodiesel without configuration - an attribute that will make the engine popular among environment conscious car buyers.

In choosing a fuel efficient car, motorists should consider different areas of the automobile. Both the hybrid vehicle and diesel engine are good alternatives to conventional gasoline engines but choosing between the two is a task just like when one is looking for a Nissan fog light.