Tool Boxes And A Truck Lumber Rack

by : Kurt J Schefken

There are a variety of tool boxes available today to meet your needs, differing by factors such as material, price, purpose and manufacturer.

Plastic tool boxes are great for more recreational use around the house and are the least expensive type. They are not as durable, but if cost is an issue a plastic tool box should suffice. They are not good for heavy duty professional use. Aluminum is another common material for tool boxes. It is more durable than plastic tool boxes, yet is still light weight. Aluminum tool boxes are slightly more expensive than plastic tool boxes, but they will last much longer. However, of all the materials, steel is the strongest and most durable. Steel tool boxes are best for heavy duty professional use and will endure the regular use. As would be expected, steel tool boxes are the most expensive. A power coated steel finish is best for standing up to the weather and outside environment.

In addition to the material, there are several types of tool boxes from which to choose. For instance, truck tool boxes are great for trucks with limited space in the cab to haul tools. The tool box can be safely carried in the bed of the truck. A variety of styles are made to fit different types of trucks. Top mount tool boxes are actually mounted in the bed behind the cab of a truck. Top mount tool boxes can have single or dual lids and one compartment or multiple compartments. The style of box you choose depends on what tools and what size tools you will carry. Side mount tool boxes mount on the side rail of the truck's bed, though most of the box remains inside the bed. These tool boxes come in a variety of sizes to fit all sizes trucks, whether compact or a full size. The most popular tool box for a pick up truck is the crossover box. It fits behind the cab of any size truck, and most can be bolted to the bed of the truck to help prevent theft. Finally, a truck lumber rack may be a good accessory consider especially if the toolbox is hauled and/or attached to your truck. Truck lumber racks can help prevent scratching and dinging and provide a mount on the bed of the truck to carry your tools.

Delta tool boxes are one of the most preferred brands of tool boxes by professionals. The styles come in both steel and plastic. The delta champion series has a good line of crossover tool boxes, which have an insulted lid with three layer laminate increasing the durability and security. The pro-series delta tool box is a more durable box as it is made of steel and aluminum. Other brands of tool boxes include Homak tool boxes which come in plastic, metal and a plastic-metal combination. Homak manufacturer also offers a line of tool bags which may be a good alternative to the heavier, metal tool boxes.