Windshield Repair Claims and Insurance Companies

by : David Warren

Is the windshield in your car broken, cracked, or busted and you are unsure if your insurance company will pay for the repair or not? Most windshield repairs will start out at about $300 in most glass company repair shops, and they increase depending on the types of window and the labor involved to repair it.

The truth is that most broken windshields are covered by most insurance policies. Any type of broken windshield that is caused by vandalism or other road hazards should be covered by the comprehensive section of your insurance policy. Most auto glass damage that is caused in automobile accidents and collisions are covered by the collision section of most insurance policies. In most cases, all of the glass in the automobile is covered by the policies, not just the windshield.

In cases involving a broken windshield, it is wise to consult with your auto insurance company and examine your policy to see what exactly is covered and how much they will pay. Your rates may or may not increase if you file a claim to repair your broken windshield or other broken glass in your vehicle.

It is a good idea to talk to your insurance company representative about your comprehensive coverage; however, your rates should not increase because you had your broken windshield repaired. Most insurance companies waive the deductible for windshield repair. This varies from company to company, so it is a good idea to check with your insurance company about the deductible waiver.

Whenever you contact your insurance company about auto glass claims, it is essential that you know and understand what you are doing. Did you know that many companies will give you the name and number of the person who will handle your broken windshield. However, what they fail to tell you is that they are not transferring you to another person in the insurance company; they are actually connecting you will an auto glass net work. Knowing this will help you talk about the claim with a little more confidence.

Windshield repair is something does not need to be difficult. As the matter of fact, most insurance companies will encourage the repair because they uphold safety first. Therefore, you should be familiar with your insurance policy offers in regards to windshield repair. Your insurance company may also recommend an auto glass company that would be good to repair your broken windshield. However, that does not mean that you have to use the recommended auto glass company.

You can choose which auto glass company you want to fix your broken windshield. The choice is yours, but you should always inform your insurance company of which auto glass company you choose to complete your repair. Remember one thing: your insurance company may require you to pay out of pocket if you use an auto glass company that is not recommended by them, but they will reimburse you some or all of what you paid.

They may also tell you that if you go to a shop that that is not recommended by them or on their list, there may not be any warranty. Good communication between you, the insurance company, and the auto glass company is essential. Be sure you know what your insurance company's policy is on choosing company to complete your repairs.

Before you decide on a particular auto glass company, you may want to get a couple of estimates on your windshield. Chances are, you insurance company will do an estimate on your damages, but you will want to get a couple of different estimates so that you can compare and contrast prices. Sometimes, your insurance will guide you towards the cheapest way to repair your broken windshield. You work hard to have your car, so you should not just settle with anything. It is good to take the time to shop around and actually see what is available for you and your car.

In conclusion, when you are need of a new windshield or other auto glass, you need to be fully aware of what your insurance policy offers in regards to repairs and replacements. Each insurance policy is different and many offer different things, so before you decide on repairing your broken windshield you should contact your insurance company and see what exactly is offered on your policy and how you should proceed with getting the glass repaired.

Remember that auto accidents are covered in collision coverage and vandalism and damage from road hazards are covered under comprehensive coverage. Make sure that the damage is properly documented and remember, your rates should not increase because you used your insurance to fund the windshield repair.