UK Distributors of Illegal Metal Bull Bars to Face Imprisonment

by : Gertrude

The United Kingdom Minister of State for Transport has confirmed that from 25th May 2007, it will be illegal to continue manufacturing and selling metal that do not comply with the new EU legislation for pedestrian protection. This was stated in the Directive 2005/66/EC. The maximum penalty to be imposed within the UK is 12 months in prison and a substantial ?20,000 fine.

Under the new directive, the Frontal Protection Systems (FPS) is required to enhance the safety of vehicles and to apply to products either fitted as original equipment or sold via the aftermarket. It will be impossible for wrap around metal bull bars to meet the strict new standards, so the legislation will effectively ban these products while endorsing new energy absorbing FPS products.

A is a device fitted to the front of a vehicle to protect it and its passengers from damage in a collision with an animal. It varies considerably in size and form, and is usually made of welded steel or aluminum tubing. Today, molded polycarbonate and polyethylene materials are the new compositions of . When you need to mount a spotlight or other off-road recovery equipment, a bull bar is a perfect fit. You do not need a set of fog lights or anything else as an excuse to buy a bull bar, get one for the cool looks alone. This also gives your vehicle rugged appearance and protects its front-end.

While many pedestrian groups claim bull bars are dangerous to pedestrians, some modern designs are actually safer than the same vehicle without a bulbar.

According to the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), only one UK manufacturer is known to have developed a non-rigid FPS that complies with the requirements of the May legislation - this product is known as the Endura FPS.

Concept Moldings, an automotive manufacturer and supplier, has produced this revolutionary aftermarket product. Tests based on the 2005/66/EC legislation have proven to make 4x4s, SUVs and LCVs or light commercial vehicles up to 50 times safer. This was carried out at MIRA, one of Europe's leading vehicle design, development and certification centers. All EC approved test data.

In the build up to May 25th, more Endura FPS products will be tested and will be available for small, medium and large vehicles. Popular car brands such as Toyota, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Ford will have aftermarket products approved for sale under the Endura banner.

Researches conducted by the UK's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) reveal why the new EC legislation and the Endura FPS can make a major breakthrough in pedestrian safety. More than 900 UK and 12,000 European pedestrians and cyclists are killed every year. Meanwhile, more than 9,000 UK and 290,000 European pedestrians and cyclists are seriously injured every year. The Endura FPS absorbs massive amounts of energy on impact, protecting pedestrians and cyclist from hard parts of vehicles such as engine, bonnet leading edge and radiator. The introduction of Endura and the May legislation will reduce the staggering number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads today.

Andrew Miller, Director of Research, Thatcham reacted they welcome this new legislative change which will go a very long way in removing those potentially life-threatening bull bars from Britain's roads. He further said Thatcham looks forward to seeing the new Frontal Protection Systems on Britain's vehicles which have met the requirements of the new EC legislation and reduced damage. However, those must not endanger vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.