Just Enough to Cover Everything

by : Gertrude

It is important to protect your car before, while and after using it. Since it is an investment, like any other bonds in the stock market, your car needs protection so that every single cost you incurred are all worth it.

A has fabrics that can help protect your vehicles interior and finish from sun, dew and pollutants. This is the best protection for your car when not use.

Installing it may seem easy. But inappropriate procedure will result to damages to the car cover and eventually to your vehicle. If your cover is equipped with mirror pockets, it is very important that the mirror pockets be placed over the side mirrors before the ends of the cover are stretched over the front and rear bumpers.

Some vehicles have very sharp bumpers, hood ornaments, moldings, and the like. Reinforce the inside of the cover at areas exposed to severe consumption using cloth-reinforced duct tape.

If your vehicle has an outside radio antenna which will not retract, you will have to provide an opening in the cover:
Make an antenna opening through removing the antenna and installing the cover on the vehicle. Making sure it is properly aligned and positioned. Using a sharp pencil, punch a hole through the fabric at the antenna location. If the antenna is not easily removed, see next procedure.

Place the cover on the vehicle except for the fender or body panel where the antenna is located.

To remove car cover, release both ends of the cover from under the bumpers. Fold up both sides onto the top of the vehicle into a long pile approximately. Start at the front of the vehicle and fold the cover in three foot (1 meter) folds from the front to the back.

Now it seems complicated. But if you use the same procedure, you will find it only takes about a minute to install or to remove the cover.

You already get used to install and remove those covers. The next thing to keep in mind is the cleaning and washing.

Any cover will slowly collect dust on its underside, picked up from contact with the surface of the vehicle. If the cover becomes soiled in a few spots, light brushing with a soft rag will remove most dirt. For persistent soils, follow these tips:

Wet the soiled area with water.
Wash with liquid Fantastic All Purpose Cleaner, working the lather into the soiled area using a sponge.
Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all cleaner residues which can cause extra fabric leakage if left on the cover.
Airs dry completely.

Contaminants in the air, both within closed and open areas, can build-up damage to your car and dull its surface. The best investment you can make in maintaining all the exterior surfaces of your vehicle is the regular use of a car cover. It therefore means are as important as the other car accessories which you choose for your vehicle.

The general rule is "always read the instructions in using and maintaining your car cover because different brands have different guides."