Florida Car Donation Process

by : Charley Hwang

Need to get rid of that old Honda Civic? If so, you can give it to charity and become eligible for some tax benefits that could save plenty of cash. If you're a Florida resident, there are tons of charities that are willing to accept that brand new Mercedes or decade-old sudan. These charities are fully licensed and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, which means tax deductions could be safely gotten by donating.

One Florida charity where car donations are made possible if the Florida Council for the Blind - one of the most popular charities in the region, being the oldest and most recognized. This organization helps blind people find work opportunities so that they may find their own niche in a rather hard world. Your donated car may be used to shuttle members from one place to the other. Another Florida charity worth considering is the Florida Gulf Coast Paralyzed Veterans of American organization. It provides a number of services to war veterans who have lost their mobility.

A third Florida charity to considering donating your car to is the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. It is a serious disease that causes the body's cells to get harder, which results in a lack of mobility and other movement maladies. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is always leading the pack when it comes to research and funding of many projects that strive to improve the lives for these patients in the state of Florida.

These are just some of the charities your car can go towards. Remember, you could enjoy tax benefits if you offer your old car to these places. The fair market value of your car is equivalent to your tax deduction if the organization uses it for charity purposes. If the charity decides to sell it, the selling price becomes the amount of your tax deduction.