Explode Your Sales With Free & Exclusive Content

by : Isaiah Hull

Offering free and exclusive content to ezine publishers and webmasters is one of the best ways you can increase exposure for your products and services. There are several effective methods you can use to employ this marketing tactic and subsequently boost your sales.

I personally suggest exploring the following two methods to increase your exposure:

1. Create exclusive content for websites and ezines. If you have worked to build a website or to promote a product, take your experience and package it into a coherent article that explains specific problems you have encountered and how you overcame them. If you can, design it as a pdf file; make it look professional.

Include a five-line personal bio at the bottom of your article with the URL to your website or product. If you put time into your article and give good advice, people will want to follow the link in your resource box back to your website.

Once you have finished creating your product, search google for webmasters of high-traffic member sites and ezine publishers. Compile a list of prospective distributers who might accept your article--and then email them individually with an offer to 'create exclusive content' for their newsletters. You can include the first article as a sample of your writing.

Wait for replies and do not make too many offers. Remember: you will have to create exclusive articles for each ezine publisher and webmaster that you mutually contract with.

Look for bigger, opt-in mailing list ezines and good-quality small ezines. Also try to get some advertisement for your business out of the deal, other than your resource box. Some publishers will agree to run free ads in exchange for free exclusive content. Some webmasters might include your banner or classified ad for free.

If you follow these directions carefully and create meaningful content that you would be proud to see your name on, you will undoubtedly see a boost in sales when your articles are distributed.

You will also enjoy minor celebrity status--lending more credibility to your products when your articles are regularly featured to the same group of people.

2. The second method I suggest is similiar to the first, but differs slightly in content and distribution.

Instead of creating a general-purpose article, you will create a 'special report.' This special report will be tailored to either a) better explain an already popular product on the market that you have used personally; or b) give specific insight into something you have gleaned from your experience as a webmaster or product promoter.

Special reports range in size, but they are usually between 2000 and 8000 words. Take some time to write a guide that would help you if you didn't already have the insight that you do.

When you're finished, add your resource box to the bottom of the special report. Clean up the grammar and structure. Turn it into a product that you would be proud to see your name on. If you can, turn it into a pdf file.

I would suggest uploading the report to your website and placing a link to download it on a page that has a banner for your product or a prominent link back to your main page.

Now, begin marketing your free special report. You can spread the word through a number of free resources.

I would personally suggest posting links to it from internet forums that are related to your field; offering it to webmasters for free; submitting it to ezine publishers; and giving away it to any free resource directories you can find.

You can also include free redistribution rights for anyone else who wants to give away or sell your article if you want to make your campaign viral.

If your finished product is exceptional or provides useful information about a recent popular release, you should be able to spread it around easily.

Special reports and articles are currently two of the most effective ways to get free traffic, so take advantage of this free information. If you follow these tips, create a quality product, and market it carefully, you cannot lose.


You may use this article for reprint if it remains unaltered and includes the author information and resource box. - Isaiah Hull