Wmsc Finds Mclaren Guilty!

by : Evander Klum

After nearly two months of investigation regarding the "spying" controversy between the two Formula One constructors McLaren and Ferrari a decision has finally been reached. Mike Coughlan, Chief Designer of McLaren team was found out to have possession of a document that belongs to Ferrari. The document, which is a 780-page record of Ferrari's 2007 race car technical data (including , maybe) was given by Ferrari senior engineer Nigel Stepney, according to Coughlan.

After the hearing conducted in Paris, the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) has come to a decision and has announced that the British Formula One team is guilty, ordering the team to make a fine of $100 million USD. Not only that, the team will also lose its points in the F1 Constructors Championship. In addition to that McLaren also won't be able to score constructor points throughout the remaining races in the 2007 season. Although the whole McLaren team was penalized, the team's drivers Fernando Alonso and F1 newcomer Lewis Hamilton were not affected by WMSC's decision. The two drivers will retain their points and can score points in the entire 2007 season.

Here is the official statement of WMSC:
"The WMSC has stripped Vodafone McLaren Mercedes of all constructor points in the 2007 FIA Formula One World Championship and the team can score no points for the remainder of the season. Furthermore, the team will pay a fine equal to $100m, less the FOM income lost as a result of the points' deduction."

McLaren was reportedly shocked by WMSC's decision and said that only their designer Mike Coughlin was responsible for the penalty as the team did not gain advantage with Ferrari's documents. Mercedes Motorsport Vice President Norbert Haug said: "This judgement comes as an extreme shock for all team members and, as demonstrated by the reactions of large parts of the public, the media and Formula One viewers, is a shock for large segments of the public as well. We will now fight with all our resolve in order to give a proper response on the circuit, as we last did in Monza, and to get justice before the court."

McLaren team principal Ron Dennis was unhappy with the decision and definitely the team will appeal. He said that McLaren does not deserve to be penalized that way. He stated "The entire engineering team in excess of 140 people provided statements to the FIA affirming that they had never received or used the Ferrari information. We have never denied that the information from Ferrari was in the personal possession of one of our employees at his home. The issue is: was this information used by McLaren? This is not the case and has not been proven today."

In the other hand, the Scuderia Ferrari team said in a statement that they are happy with the decision. The Scuderia said: "In light of new evidence, facts and behaviour of an extremely serious nature and grossly prejudicial to the interest of the sport have been further demonstrated. Ferrari is satisfied that the truth has now emerged."

Moreover, WMSC also said that McLaren team could be disqualified to join the 2008 FIA Formula 1 season if the council finds new evidence contrary to McLaren's statement.