Mazda Taiki to Debut at Tokyo Auto Show

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The Mazda Motor Corp. is aiming for the future. To show its commitment, the automaker will be flaunting its latest aerodynamic concept car - the Taiki. The remarkable concept car will be introduced by the automaker at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show in late October.

In Japanese, Taiki means atmosphere. This is why the concept car boasts the concept of "flow" inspired by the flowing robes of the legendary celestial maiden Hagoromo. The futuristic two-seater sports coupe features a next-generation rotary engine, in a front-engine, rear-wheel drive format. The said car was first shown in Yokohama, Japan.

The Mazda Taiki reflects one brighter direction for a future generation of Mazda sports cars aimed at creating a sustainable auto society. Mazda Taiki further evolves the "flow" theme to etch a spectacular presence that clearly distinguishes it. The concept car visually expresses the atmosphere that wraps the Earth in its defensive mantle.

The Taiki is very Japanese. It is also inspired by the concept "koinobori" which means "climbing carp streamers." According to enthusiasts who have seen the concept, the car is perhaps the wildest from Mazda. Ford Japanese subsidiary said that it "reflects one possible direction for a future generation of Mazda sports cars aimed at helping create a sustainable society."

The fourth and latest iteration in the company's ongoing Nagare design series, the design intent was to create the visual impression of air flowing through a tube. The two-seater concept is a stretched coupe on a front-engine/rear-drive chassis configuration, with short overhangs and an all-glass canopy. Power is supplied by a next-generation rotary engine that blends well with the .

Basically, Taiki aims to continue the evolution set by the Nagare design theme, following in the footsteps of the Mazda Nagare, Mazda Ryuga, and Mazda Hakaze concept vehicles. Taiki, as the fourth in the series, further advances the fusion of the Nagare design concept and real-world technologies. The Taiki sets a new ideal for the front-engine rear-drive sports car of the future.

The Taiki is equipped with a dashboard and seats down to the door trim. The interior space creates the dynamic feeling that the flow of the wind is revitalizing. Centering around the performance rotary engine sports packaging that is synonymous with the Mazda name, technologies introduced for the Mazda Taiki include the next-generation RENESIS, which marks new standards for environmental performance, a front-engine rear-drive layout, a distinct two-seat configuration.

Mazda will also display a new range of engines that emphasizes lower emissions and higher economy in tandem with improved driving performance. Additionally, the automaker has also launched its latest hydrogen-powered car, the Premacy Hydrogen RE hybrid, which produces only water in exhaust.

The Taiki and the Premacy are aimed at improving Mazda's environmental credentials, without compromising performance.