Doublers The New Era for Making Thousands!

by : Damon Smith

Doubler Mania! Is it the Real Deal?

Once again we find ourself in the mix of a new erra,

Doubler programs are launching everywhere and people are flocking to them to get the chance to get the glory that they have been looking for in the chase to make BIG BUCKS

And after being part of a few of them I can tell you that not only is it possible to make some really good income from them and get that cash flow going but most of my own subscribers have joined and all are making the kind of income that most affiliate programs are trying to make.

These doubler programs also have a darkside to them, People that can afford to put up the $299 for the simple script they run off of are throwing them up without thinking about what it takes to really make them work and they fall off the internet within just a few weeks. Then you have people sitting around wondering what happen to their money.

Marketers are always looking for the one program that will take them over the edge of the stumbleing blocks of affiliate programs where you have to promote using your own money to get 100s of others to signup just to make a buck or two and in most cases you have to wait a month or even more just to get that few dollars.

The person that built these little scripts that you can throw out their without even putting up a nice site with it should be the ones that get the credit. They have made it so that the normal person that hates to sell someone on something now has the chance to compete with the bigboys!

Other then publishing my own newsletter (eZine) I have been marketing and advertising other people programs for the last 5 years and I have yet to see any of them produce anything like these simple doublers. Are they the next wave of the future on the internet? In my book YES THEY ARE and they are very powerful. There is no advertising,promoting, or anything like that to make money with them.

You buy shares in the company and then watch them double. If you get lucky enough to catch them in the first week or so of launch you can see your funds double 4 or 5 times! Then you take that income and reinvest it back in and watch it double again and again! I feel for the so called gurus but maybe it is time that they see what it is like for the 'little' guy that is starting out to get ahead for once.

They have made millions of dollars on the internet by getting people to buy their products and then the person is left to figure out the rest because that one little key that will give them the information they need to succeed is always missing! I for one (And many of my subs) are very happy that someone finally found a way for us to make dreams out of the ashes that we where left in from these guys!

Example: One of the newest to come online are below.

If you look at the sites you will see the differents, The first one is just the script itself and has paid out over $400,000+ in the first 15 days that it has been online.

The second was built from watching others that did not make the grade and is getting ready to launch any day. The site is very well put together and I even know the team that are behind the sceens!

So what makes these sites legal? Any program on the internet that has to do with marketing and advertising has to have a product to be able to stick to the rules set fourth by the internet cops! Yes there are people that look for programs that have SCAMS written all over them and they are just around to take your money.

Doublers are not one of these sites (Yet) But I am sure there will be someone out there that uses something like this to grab that almighty dollar and run with it so be careful! I have already ran into one that said that it lost it's database and gave people back their money but only in the form of putting it back into the system. When I tried to take my funds out of the system all I got was unanswered emails and it is still in there! (Lesson well learned!)

But for the most part these programs do work, Some of them have even found ways of helping your advertising for a product that you might have or affiliate program you might be promoting. And it is not something that is FFA's and Classified ads which is a complete wast of time and money!

So in closing be sure to check out any program that you join, But also check out the new WAVE on the internet in these doublers! They will make you very happy as money always seems to have that effect on people (Like Me)

Dont just jump into a doubler without first seeing what their product is and who is behind the program itself. If you are not sure how to do this you can go to a site like and look up the domain name under Whois. This kind of site will help you find out the name of the person and give you information on them that you can use to see who they are.

So are affiliate programs a thing of the past? NO but there are other ways for the normal person to come online and find a great way to get into the income part of the internet. I really think the guy that invented these little scripts was tired of seeing people lose their money and figured out how he could make the best out of a bad common way of earning online.

Good luck in your ventures and happy doubleing!


Damon Smith

Publisher,HaileysComet Weekly eZine