Tips That Will Help you Get a Better Gas Mileage From your Car

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Gas mileage is the distance of road that is covered in one liter of gas that is filled in the tank of the car. With the increase in the market for cars now more and more people are buying cars. Most cars that were earlier made were not fuel efficient. They had less mileage. This has had very adverse effects on the oil and natural gas reserves of the world.

Every year the environment protection agencies of the world, comply its fuel economy guides that target the car buyers and educate them about buying a fuel efficient car. The following are some of the tips that will help you get a better mileage from your cars. It also helps you conserver the already low amounts of natural gas reserves.

Driving Sensibly:
Diving techniques like rapid braking and acceleration and driving at a trifling speed wastes gas. It lowers you gas mileage by almost 35 % when on a highway and by over 5 % when driving in city limits. Sensible driving adds to your mileage and also is a safer driving. Driving sensibly includes the following points.

* Reduce Excessive Weight:
You must avoid keeping heavy items in you vehicles that are not necessary. Extra 100 pounds reduce the fuel efficiency of your car by 2 %. The reduction is based on the percentage of the extra weight that is relative to the vehicle's weight and also affects the smaller vehicles more that the big ones.

* Keep away from Excessive Idling and always use Cruise Control:
When cars are in an idle state, they tend to use gas for keeping the engine on. Thus when there is excessive idling by any car, it ultimately drinks up the whole fuel. It mostly affects those cars that have a bigger engine. When you use cruise control on the highways, it helps you keep a constant speed, which saves up much fuel.

Keep your Car in Shape:
You must keep your cars finely tuned so that it remains in proper shape and also known how to use the fuel more efficiently. It improves the gas mileage of a car by almost over 5%. The following points fall under the heading.

* Check and change Air Filters Regularly:
Changing your out of use or blocked air filter can surely improve the mileage of your car. It improves the mileage by over 13%. The air filters keep away the impurities that damage your machines. Thus by saving changing the air filters regularly; you can save your engine as well as increase the mileage of your car.

* Check the air pressure of the tires regularly:
By checking and maintaining the tire pressure perfectly, you can improve you mileage by around 4 to 5 %. With proper pressure of air in all the tires, it can last longer as well as the fuel efficiency is increased.

* Use of Recommended and Graded engine oil:
You must use the improved and recommended and graded motor oil that makes the run of your engine smoother and hence increases mileage.