Get A Free Car Or Get Paid For Driving Your Car

by : George B.

Advertising is a multi-billionaire business. Ads could be seen anywhere nowadays; in the subway, on the TV, on the public transportation, even on the benches of the pubic parks.

In 2008 anyone could take part in the advertising and make an extra income.

Several companies across the world offer Free Cars or Getting paid for driving your own car - if you agree to advertise.

So how does it work?

Get free Car. Advertising companies offer brand new cars to almost anyone who is willing to drive - however, there are certain conditions;

- The Car is Covered with advertising decals (fully or partially)
- The Car is paid by the advertiser
- Car's maintenance is paid by the advertiser
- Gas is paid by the driver
- Insurance is paid by the driver

You have certainly seen BMW's Mini Cooper advertising Red Bull. Snickers often chooses Jeep to advertise their chocolate bars. In some cases these advertising companies even offer you to drive a Hummer or a very economic Smart.

Get paid for driving your car - the principle is the same as described above. The advertiser covers your car with vinyl decals and you get paid from $200 to $3000 a month for simply driving your car to work or wherever else you drive it.
The decals are relatively easy to take off the car and do not damage your car's paint.

If you decide to get paid for driving, you must NOT take off the decals and you might be required to drive a minimum amount of mileage on a daily base - which is normal because the ads must be seen - this is the point of advertising.

Unfortunately this opportunity is not available across the globe. Only residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Spain have this kind of service available to them. Certainly advertising companies in other countries will pick up on this practice, but at this moment only the countries listed above offer free cars.

If you want to get free car or get paid for driving a car, you must submit an application to one of the advertisers. The companies usually require a one time small fee of under $50, there are two (2) main reasons for charging the fee; 1) The company wants to make sure they are dealing with a serious applicant, 2) The fee is used to pay off the expenses such as phone calls, mailing costs... etc.

Remember, if the fee is recurring or over $50 - it might be a scam. Serious company will not ask you to keep on paying them so they could eventually pay you - this simply doesn't make since. The same business model is used at the modeling agencies - you pay a one time fee and the agency distributes your name to all the other agencies who might be interested.

What Can I do to qualify?

If you would like to get a free car or get paid for driving, make sure that:

- You are at least 18 years old
- You have a valid drivers license
- You do not have DUI (Driving Under Influence) or other criminal records
- You are a citizen or permanent resident of USA, Canada, UK, France or Spain.

You must take note that sometimes you do not have a choice of a vehicle but most of the time companies allow you to chose the advertising you would like to display.