6 Reasons to Use Biofuels

by : drohilm

6 reasons to use biofuels.

Biofuels is a nickname to renewable fuels from biological source, that can replace fuels that come from fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel. It is now possible to purchase or make yourself biodiesel for diesel engines or ethanol for gasoline engines. The prices are becoming closer to those of fossil fuels and there are many benefit to it. Here I'll count 7 benefits of biofuels:

1.Availability - It is renewable. Unlike fossil fuels, biofuels can be easily produced from raw agricultural materials. These facts ensure that the reservoir of fuel will never end, and that we can keep producing it, like we produce our food.

2.Price - since the reservoir is virtually unlimited, we can assure that as time goes by, the oil prices will increase duo to the increase in demand/production ratio, while the biofuels prices will decrease duo to the progress in agriculture science and techniques. In a few years from now, it is almost certain that biofuels prices will be much lower than fossil fuels, so the sooner you start using it, the better.

3.Independence -Biofuelsare easy to produce, and propose a new prospect to fuel consumers - unlike today's when huge company controls the fuel industry and supply, making the small consumer a slave to their will, biofuels will allow individuals and small manufacturer to get into this business and increase the competition. This is good both to the manufacturers and to the clients.

4.Healthier - biodiesel and ethanol are much safer than biofuels - they are much better to the environment, and have a great implication regarding global warming and air quality. If you care about the air that you and your children are breathing, you must take it under consideration.

5.Better to the engine. Biofuels are not only healthier to the environment, but also much better to the engines. Much research done by the automobile industry shows that biodiesel and ethanol increase the efficiency of the engine and it life span.

6.Have good political implications. At present, oil producing countries enclose a huge power in their hands, allowing them to take advantage of their power to harm other countries, and jeopardise world peace. Crossing to a different fuel source will dramatically reduce the pressure of oil deficiency, allowing many suppressed countries to flourish.

I hope that these reasons will capture your attention, to do something in that direction, making the world a better place to everyone.