New Contractor Tool Trailers Make a Better Alternative

by : Tammy Smith

All Pro Trailer Superstore, located just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is now offering a brand new line of Enclosed Tool Trailers designed specifically to benefit and assist Contractors on job sites by minimizing set-up time and maximizing space.

Designed with the same similarities as a Truck Body, the new Spartan Tool Trailer is a walk around work shop trailer with storage compartments and work stations that are accessible from both in and outside. “This trailer allows for a more productive work environment by being able to access tools and equipment from the outside of the trailer without having to enter in and out of the trailer all the time” states Tim Herron, Manager at All Pro “This also allows for far more usable space than a regular cargo trailer.”

“With an average Truck Body, if the Truck is broke down, so is your business” replies Herron “Our new Tool Trailer allows the flexibility of interchanging tow vehicles to be sure your always on the job and alleviates the hassle of having to load and unload tools into another vehicle while keeping your tools stored and organized.”

Spartan Tool Trailers come standard with aluminum wheels, rust resistant 3/8” FRP fiberglass reinforced plywood walls, aerodynamic fuel efficient v-nose design and translucent roofing which allows for 70% more natural light. “Spartan Tool Trailers can be custom built to your specification” remarks Herron “And can be designed with ramp doors, double doors or roll up doors and numerous locking and security systems are also available.”

There are also other numerous benefits for Contractors to begin trading in their Truck Body Vehicles for a new Truck Body Trailer. With rising fuel prices and automakers downsizing vehicles as they go green, the new Spartan Tool Trailer will allow Contractors the ability to drop their portable Tool Trailers at job sites and still have use of their tow vehicle without the hassle of carry all their tools and equipment at the same time. By converting into a Tool Trailer, Contractors will also have the ability to drive lighter duty, more fuel efficient vehicles that can be alternated with personal use as well, without having to pay for two expensive vehicles at once.

“Our Spartan Service Trailers are manufactured by Supreme Corporation of Central Pennsylvania, and are ideal for home builders, re-modelers and carpenters to residential contractors, plumbers and electricians.” replies Herron “The benefits that a Spartan Tool Trailer can provide are endless and the investment in the long run can be profound.”