Run Your Car On Water, Simple Conversion

by : Kent Bengtsson

A new underground movement is slowly gaining pace, in the face of rising fuel prices. This makes use of old expired patents that the Oil Industry, Car manufacturers and the Government, Do Not want us to use.

Many people have a feeling that there is something wrong in the area of energy and fuel. They believe there must be answers to the hight cost of Oil and fuel efficiency in cars in general. They feel that they are just being used as Cash Cows by the Government and big business. Guess what? They are right!

Right now the Oil price has been sky-rocketing for a while. This has been blamed on increased demand from China and India as well as a phenomena called Peak Oil (it is claimed that on a planetary scale we have now passed the point where most of the oil available to us has already been pumped out of the ground). Lacking refinery capacity has also been blamed. But few if any refineries have been built lately. Then we have the Green Movement, who might have been high-jacked as an excuse to increase fuel prices. It is now a sin to drive your car or use non-renewable energy. But where are the calls for alternatives? Where are the rewards for inventors?

It is like saying that "You should not eat, grains, rice, maize or beans (the kind of foods that provides the bulk of food for most of the worlds population) so therefor we will drastically increase the price of these foods - for your own good." But at the same time provide no alternatives that can take the place of these foods.

There is a way of running your car for a lot less, by fitting a "Hydrogen on Demand" system to your car. This is a gadget called an electrolyzer and it splits water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. This gas is then tubed into the engine where it acts as a catalyst that makes your normal fuel burn more effectively, more cleanly and as a result produces more power with less pollution and it even cleans your engine of deposits, making it run smoother.

Manuals are now available on how to make such a system yourself, and a few places have started to make and sell the components of this system. The idea is to form a grass-root movement, that flies below the radar of big business. The aim is to get enough people all over the world to make these changes to their cars, so that this technology no longer can be ignored by the powers that be. Savings on fuel ranges from 30 - 50% on average.

There are two main systems being promoted. One is much simpler and basic when in comes to Hydrogen Production, but complements this with a number of other fuel saving devices and tips. This is less demanding to make and maintain, and is recommended for the person who is not that skilled in Electronics and Mechanics. It also has a handy little device for manipulating the car computer (which, believe it or not, has as part of it's function to nullify additional fuel saving devices added by owners). This system also have more support in the form of providers of the gadgets needed and places that will fit them.

The second one is producing more hydrogen, but lacks all the other devices. But first and foremost requires much more competence from the builder of the system, both mechanically and electronically. It uses a pulse system to split water - getting more Hydrogen & Oxygen gas for your electricity. The web site promoting it also lacks testimonials from users, which tend to indicate that not many customers actually end up having made and fitted this in their cars.

The main reason people convert their cars to this system is the fuel savings. But lowered emissions and a sense of being pioneers, are also among the reasons for this. And lets not forget that it feels good to do something back to those that have just been using us!

This method of supplementing your standard fuel with HHO Gas (two Hydrogen atoms, one Oxygen - "H2O") can of course also be used just as well in Trucks, Tractors, Generators, Boats, etc. Any Internal Combustion engine should benefit from a device like this.

Imagine also how much more interesting your car would be with a device in it that makes Hydrogen on Demand as a fuel saving method. As well as a method of cleaning the exhausts that is just as good, if not better than the catalytic converter. For cars without a catalytic converter this would be a real bonus. Same goes for old Trucks and Buses who might not pass new stringent emission guidelines for some cities.

This could well be a good little business - providing and fitting Hydrogen on Demand systems in commercial fleets. I know here in the UK many truckers are seriously worried about staying competitive with the recent fuel cost increases.

This is well worth looking into further. Maybe we can't do much about the cost of Oil going up, but we can do something to get more out of the oil we do buy!
Imagine if you could drive twice as far on one tank.

Kent Bengtsson