How to Make Your Motorcycle Rust Free and Look Showroom Quality!

by : Markus Skupeika

Everybody wants their bike to be great both in respect to look and riding condition. Almost all pro-bikers take the extra initiative to keep their bike in great condition. However, in case of regular users, a lot of them hardly find some time to take care of their bikes. They often think that it is a very hazardous task and would require a lot of time to do it.

However in reality, if you have the right tools and cleaners, it would not take more than an hour to get your bike to its original look. I am not talking about the major restoration process. These are some simple daily tasks that would help you maintain a great and healthy look in your bike. Along with that, it would also take away a lot of pressure and tasks during heavy restoration and cleaning.

Let's take a look at this simple occurrence - nothing is more dangerous for your motorcycle than rusts. Regular cleaning will keep rust away and will give you the optimum performance at any given point. But, if you do not take proper care, you might need to replace those rusted parts which would cost you a lot of money - unnecessary investment. And at the same time, for a long time you would not get good performance from the bike due to those rusted parts.

So how do you keep your bike clean?

The first and foremost thing is to wash your motorcycle properly. In this step it is important that you clean every part of the motorcycle and make sure that no dirt, grime or grease is left in the body. You can sue some good quality motorcycle cleaner and some scrubbing brush to take care of this part. Brushes with nylon bristles are best as they do not harm the colors or graphics of the bike. If you cannot arrange nylon brushes with full plastic handle, make sure that the metal part of the brush you are using is covered with masking tape. This is important to save the bike from scratches.

Now find out if there in any rusted part in your motorcycle. If you see rust, you must act immediately. There are different ways to do this. You can either use sand paper or other scrubbers to remove rust from metal parts or you may use organic rust cleaners to remove rust from metal. In case, you are using sand papers, take extra care to make sure you do not scrub out paint from the body.

After removing rusts, do not forget to paint or lubricate that section irrespective of amount of rusts it has gathered. We often tend to ignore rust in the primary stage - but it may cost us havoc in the near future. If you have a problem with scrubbing, you can use organic rust cleaners to fight against rust. You will easily find a lot of rust products in the market that do not require any scrubbing. These cleaners are great to reach the furthest part of the engine.

After cleaning the motorcycle, dry it properly. Do not leave your motorcycle under direct sunlight to dry. When your motorcycle is dry, wax it properly to get that showroom shine back. You can easily find some motorcycle wax in local shop or you may even buy them online. However, do not forget to polish the bike properly before waxing. Use some buffing cloth and polish solution to take care of this part.

After applying two coats of wax, you should get the showroom look back.