One Change Can Make All The Difference

by : Danielle Rivers

Ever wondered why some people manage to keep their weight offeasily and others just pile it all back on when they stop thatnew diet? The answer is easy, it comes down to one simplechange. Before we get to that simple change, you need to keep inmind these rules of thumb when it comes to dieting. 1. Never doa diet which forbids a food group. This is simply asking fortrouble. One day, not matter how hard you try, you will eatsomething from the forbidden food group and fail. Not verypositive is it? You are setting yourself up for disappointment.Dieting is hard enough, so try and make it easy as humanlypossible. 2. Never give up trying. Overeating is a little likesmoking, they are both addictive, costly and bad for yourhealth. People recognise the world over that giving up smokingis very difficult but overeating is seen as a weakness. Nomatter what people may think, you can lose weight. Choose a dietthat is right for you and start again. Never give up trying. 3.Seek help. You can get help with your weight loss program fromlots of different sources. Online forums are free places whereyou can discuss your diet and meet new friends. You can motivateone another. If you are too shy for forums then some weight lossprogrammes offer online support as one of their packages butthese usually involve a charge. Help from friends and family isfree and invaluable to your dieting efforts. Help can motivateyou and encourage you to hit your slimming goals. Now thesethree points should help you to chose a healthy diet andmotivate you into trying to lose those extra pounds. Back tothat simple change. People who keep their weight loss off,change tiny things in their daily life. Instead of full fat milkthey have skimmed, they grill rather than fry and they choose toreduce the amount of cheese, cream, cakes and biscuits they eat,every single day. Now you are immediately going to say that thatis lots of changes not just one. To some degree you would becorrect, but not completely. If you look at a photograph it isone small picture but when looked at closely, it is made up ofthousands of pixels. One small sugar cube is made up of hundredsof sugar grains and a handkerchief consists of numerous cottonthreads. Almost everything in the world, no matter how small,can be broken down into even smaller parts. All those tiny partsstill only amount to one small thing. You make several tinychanges to your lifestyle which you genuinely do not mind andweight loss becomes easy. Remember, they have to be changes thatyou will hardly notice, low fat spread instead of full fat, lowcalorie squash or just eating more fruit. Make the one smallchange to adjust your eating habits slightly and permanently andeven if you break your diet program, you could still lose weightslowly and steadily. Good luck with whichever weight lossprogram you choose and happy,easy slimming