Weight Loss and the Home Business

by : Jerry Standefer

Are you a struggling internet business owner spending hours onthe computer getting little or no profits from your efforts? Areyou gaining weight sitting in that office chair? If you answeredyes then read on fellow entrepreneur.

I found myself spending hours on the computer, while eatingnervously at the same time. Thank heaven for my wife who tookaction! What did she do for me? She enrolled me for 10 weeks inWeight Watchers. At first I was quite embarrassed, but when Ivisited my local bedroom mirror, I agreed to try the WW plan.

My first WW meeting was a little scary for me, being the onlymale in a room filled with all different shapes and sizes ofwomen ranging in ages from teens to grannies. As it turned out,three other men had joined me in the meeting, not making myfirst experience with WW not all that bad. I was encouraged asdifferent people were awarded ribbons for their weight loss,thinking to myself; maybe I can do this. I listened as theinstructor gave encouragement to us about mental toughness andsticking to the WW plan.

Weeks went by as the pounds began coming off and I startedgaining self confidence again. After 26 weeks of WW, I had lost60 pounds, dropped 3 pant sizes, and felt good about myself.Your saying, what does this have to do with my home business?

How has weight loss helped my home business?

1.Helped me become more organized with my time.

2.I find myself drinking water instead of soda while working onthe computer.

3.Helped me set goals for my business like my weight lossgoals.

4.Praise from my family, showing them I care about my health.

5.Gave me mental awareness.

I would encourage anyone struggling with weight loss caused byhours on the computer and constant eating to try WeightWatchers. My weight is down and my profits continue to grow. Iam not a doctor, but as you can see it doesn't take a rocketscientist to figure out the correlation between weight loss andhome business. I hope this will motivate you to be healthy andgrow your internet business.