Diet Pill Marketers Ordered to Pay for Fraudulent Claims

by : Joey Atlas

The ads and infomercials are everywhere. On TV, theinternet, your radio, magazines and newspapers. Fraudulentfat loss and diet pill marketers bombard you withoutrageous claims and promises that are backed by so calleduniversity studies and clinical testing. These companiescan usually get away with this behavior for severalreasons. Loopholes and grey area in the rules they aresupposed to abide by, the Federal Trade Commission beinggrossly outnumbered by the volume of these companies andthe gullible nature of the general public who continue topurchase these bottled promises and hopes.

Recently, the FTC took action against the marketers of oneof the biggest selling 'diet pill' supplement on themarket. The story follows:

--CortiSlim/CortiStress marketers hit for $4.5 millionpenalty.--California-based Pinnacle Marketing Concepts, Inc. and itspresident, Thomas F. Cheng, and Utah-based Shawn M.Talbott, Ph.D., have agreed to disgorge a total of $4.5million in cash and other assets to settle FTC chargesstemming from their roles in the marketing of CortiSlim andCortiStress, In its complaint, the FTC alleged that thedefendants made false or unsubstantiated product claims andused deceptively formatted infomercials in pitching thedietary supplements. Litigation continues against threeother defendants who were part of the scheme. The FTC'scomplaint, filed last years, charged that CortiSlim wasmarketed with false or unsubstantiated claims that it wouldcause rapid, substantial, and permanent weight loss in allusers and that CortiStress would reduce the risk of, orprevent, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer'sdisease, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. The settlementagreement also prohibits the defendants from makingunsubstantiated claims in the future about any dietarysupplement, food, drug, cosmetic, or device.[Three Cortislim defendants to give up $4.5 million in cashand other assets: FTC's litigation continues against fourremaining defendants. FTC news release, Sept 21, 2005]

A more detailed version can be read on the FTC website

Rulings similar to this one happen quite commonly. Theyjust don't make front page news and so the general publicdoesn't get to learn about the fraudulent nature of thesecompanies and therefore continues to purchase the moneywasting products marketed by these companies. Think aboutit. With all of the 'too good to be true' products beingsold today, the majority of the general public would be infantastic physical condition instead of way out of shapeand unhealthy.

Sooner or later we have to take responsibility forourselves and stop looking for the magic fat pill or thebreakthrough diet supplement. Nothing will ever replacesmart nutrition and consistent exercise for getting youinto the best shape that you are capable of. Even if a newlegitimate diet drug becomes available to the public, justremember all of the diet drugs of the past that wereeventually proven to result in severe adverse healtheffects and sometimes death.

Your magic pill is within you. You can give yourself theresults you are looking for. Just seek out the informationthat pertains to you and begin taking action.