Rimonabant Proving to Be a Well Tolerated Antiobesity Diet Pill

by : Clarence Carter

Weight gain is becoming a common problem throughout the world. People seem to be struggling with excessive weight gain problems. If you are one of them and finding some truly healthy weight loss solutions to shed out those stubborn fats from your body then you must know the fact that there is no short cut. The fact is that you have to change your life style with more physical activity and less crappy eating. But dieticians suggest that if a diet pill is added to this changed life style then the goal for weight loss is somewhat quickly achieved. Not surprisingly, the growing prevalence of obesity has stimulated the search for drugs like Rimonabant to fight against obesity.

Rimonabant is an anorectic anti-obesity drug. It works by suppressing our appetite making the stomach feel full. It is a cannabinoid receptor antagonist which blocks a special type of receptors called the CB1 receptors found in the nervous system. On the other hand, it is found that it also acts as smoking cessation agent. It is developed from the knowledge that cannabis smokers often experience extreme hunger ripples. So, researchers worked on the premise that if cannabinoid stimulates appetite, blocking cannabinoid receptors in the brain might control the smoking urge found in smokers. Hence it is said that Rimonabant can be very effective in controlling one's smoking habit.

Though a new entrant in the weight loss market, it is creating waves for its dual nature and efficacy. Besides, no serious adverse effects are detected till date. Rimonabant was generally found to be tolerated. The most common adverse effect of this drug is nausea. Clinical trials are also going on in patients with diabetes and cardio vascular disease. Till now no adverse effects came under considerations.

Researches are going on to get it approved from FDA. Though approved as an effective weight loss drug in many countries, but it is waiting for the "smoking cessation" approval. But it is sure that in this prevailing market of obesity, Rimonabant will emerge as an effective and well tolerated antiobesity diet pill.