Xenical Requires Patience to Show Its Effects

by : Jack White

Prescription drug Xenical is a FDA approved diet pill manufactured by Roche Laboratories. It is a weight loss pill which works differently than other weight loss pills. While others act in the brain to suppress appetite, Xenical diet pills act in the stomach to stop the absorption of fats.
As Xenical weight loss pill reduces the absorption of the fats by around one third of its intake it helps reducing the formation of new fats in the body. When this drug is taken in conjunction with exercises and controlled diet program it helps in reducing obesity.
The working of is different than other diet pills and is not an appetite suppressant. So, the side effects associated with these pills are also different. The visible side effects which may occur due it its intake are - oily stool, gas with discharge, upset stomach and urgent need to go for relieving etc.
Consulting a doctor is necessary to have prescription for Xenical's medication. The generic name of this drug is Orlistat. The usual dosage of Xenical diet pills is a pill with every main mean which contains fat as its constituents. But a doctor is the right person to decide the dosage.
weight loss pill improves the percentage of good cholesterol in the body and decreases bad cholesterol content. It reduces level of insulin, risk of type-2 diabetes and blood pressure. The drug may also find its usage in the therapy of other diseases too and a doctor is the right person to decide whether the patient should use Xenical diet pill or not.
A consultation with a doctor should not be avoided if the obese patient is a woman with pregnancy or doing breast feeding. In addition to that patients with heart problems, blood pressure, allergy and hypertension should also consult a doctor before its usage. Apart from that taking a multivitamin with its medication is necessary as Xenical weight loss drug molecules may also interfere with the extraction of essential vitamins from the food intake.
Exercises and a controlled diet program are some of the earliest methods to get over obesity. Xenical's usage as a diet pill to reduce weight is not complete without doing both of these things. While Xenical diet pills lowers the unwanted fats absorbed by the body, exercises helps an individual in using up the energy deposited earlier in the body.
In a way, prescription for Xenical weight loss pill is to be given when the patient is certain that he would be having workouts and a controlled diet program. Along with these an obese person also requires a lot of patience and time to get the desired result on reducing obesity. So, use Xenical timely and wisely to fend off obesity and future diseases related to obesity.