Hoodia Diet Pills: Natures Blessing

by : Emily King

Diet pills are usually associated with prospective side-effects, which is why many obese are reluctant to embark upon it. This is due to their artificial formulations. But what if the diet pill has a natural origin? Hoodia diet pills procured from Hoodia Gordonii can offer you a great solution to deal with obesity. Hoodia Gordonii, the wonder weight loss agent can be located in the semi-deserts of Angola, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa, where it grows in thickets of green upright stems and is in fact a succulent, not a cactus. Hoodia is a class of 13 groups in the flowering plant category Apocynaceae, under the subfamily name of Asclepiadoideae.

Hoodia has for long been used by the indigenous bush men of South Africa for treating indigestion and small infections. Being a herbal product it minimizes the severity of side effects if incurred die to its usage. It basically works by executing the appetite, thus attacking obesity. It constitutes a molecule 100, 000 times more powerful that glucose which fools the brain, by generating the feeling of satiety. This activity makes you eat less sourcing weight loss.

The normal prescribed dosage for Hoodia is 1200mg a day. The Hoodia diet pill dosage may vary depending upon your state of affairs. Intake of Hoodia Diet Pills should an hour before meals with a glass of water. Ensure sufficient water intake, since Hoodia will also lock up your thirst mechanism. Hoodia still awaits its Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorsement. Henceforth, a doctor's advice is recommended before you under go Hoodia diet pills medication.

The South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in 1977 extracted the ingredient in Hoodia, now known as P57 known for its appetite-suppressant outcome and patented it. The CSIR then approved a license to United Kingdom-based Phytopharm, and they pooled resources with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to segregate active constituents from the extracts and look into manufacturing them for use as an appetite suppressant. Pfizer unveiled the rights to the primary component in 2002.

In 2002, the San tribes' rights over Hoodia were officially recognized by the CSIR, permitting them to acquire a fraction of the profits and any by-product consequential from the promotion of Hoodia. Hoodia Gordonii is a protected plant that can solely be wild-harvested by licensed individuals and few companies.

Spin away that extra flab with Hoodia diet pills, which a natural way to weight reduction. Hoodia diet pills can make you sail through the rough waters of obesity and its related health hazards without much hassle.