Herbal Ingredients of Hoodia Cure Obesity Amazingly

by : Emily King

Herbs are true friends of human beings since the evolution of mankind on the earth. Medicinal values of herbs are known to mankind for millenniums. The most remarkable feature of the herbal treatment is that herbal treatment generally does not produce any side-effects on the body. Obesity is a comparatively new disease as the disease associated with modern life style. But, nature had created its solution millions of year back. Hoodia is the name of that solution.

Hoodia is a type of succulent plant found in Kalahari Desert of Africa. This is a plant of Apocynaceae family which has great resemblance with cactus. Life is Kalahari is very tough because of extreme climatic conditions. The tribes living there have to rely on hunting for their survival and for hunting they have go deep in the desert where scarcity of food and water welcomes them. The only companion on which they can rely on is Hoodia. They consume Hoodia plant and don't feel urge for food for whole day. The tribes of Kalahari Desert have been using this plant as medicine for curing tuberculosis, diabetes, hypertension, indigestion, abdominal cramps, hemorrhoid and many more diseases.

Later the world acknowledged the efficacy of this herb and developed Hoodia drug which is now available in tablet, capsule and health drink form. Hoodia diet drug is extracted from a particular type of Hoodia plant which is known as Hoodia Gordonii. The extract is chemically known as P57. Phytopharm and Unilever are the pharmaceuticals which are developing the drug. Phytopharm got the license for the development of the drug in 1995.

The drug Hoodia fools brain by sending the signal of full stomach to it. Hoodia make it possible by increasing the level of glucose in the blood. Moreover, this signaling is done 100,000 times faster than the natural glucose. Once brain knows the stomach is full it will not secrete other bile juices and digestive enzymes. Hoodia's efficacy is long lasting; as it can suppress the appetite for 24hours.

This medicine is free from any kind of side effects. There are no caffeine and ephedra in Hoodia medication so that there will be no harm to your body. It is a non-prescription drug which means there is no need to see your doctor to start the use of Hoodia. But for staring its use doctor's advice as precautionary measure should be taken. Doctor must be aware about your medical history and present physical status. Hoodia's effect on embryo is not known so pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers must avoid using Hoodia.

Generally, 1200mg Hoodia is taken to suppress the appetite efficiently. Tablet, capsules, and Hoodia health drink have the same efficacy in curbing the appetite so in which form you are using Hoodia generally doesn't matter. Hoodia is easily available through online order. With this method you will get it at your door steps without letting the people to know how you are getting slimmer day by day.