Why Phentermine is Still in the Market?

by : Joseph Jones

Phentermine was approved by FDA in 1959 as a short term appetite suppressant drug. After that it has never looked back. Phentermine was in the resin form during its initial years but later in 1970's Phentermine hydrochloride was made available. It was the first drug that got FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval for sale as an appetite suppressant.

At present Phentermine is being sold as brand names like Adipex, Ionamin and is also available in generic versions with name Phentermine. Majority of the appetite suppressant drugs work in the same way as that of Phentermine and thus it may be called as the mother of all appetite suppressant drugs. At present, there has been some development of appetite suppressants in other formulations like as that of Xenical and Acomplia (not approved by FDA) diet pills.

This diet pill called Phentermine hcl works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affects some kinds of neurotransmitters residing in the brain. As hypothalamus affects the body temperature, sleeping cycle, nervous system and appetite of our body, infusion of Phentermine changes its behaviour. But intake of Phentermine alone cannot get one out of obesity. One has to take this weight loss diet pill along with exercises and controlled diet regimen.

As Phentermine is a prescription drug one should consult a doctor before starting its dosage. Children, old aged individuals, pregnant women and breast feeding women should take proper guidance from a doctor before starting its usage. Individuals with hypertension, heart disease, allergy, diabetes and other illness should inform the doctor of his medical condition before starting its dosage. The usual dose for Phentermine is a pill a day in empty stomach before having breakfast. But a doctor's prescription may state otherwise, in case of contradiction one should follow the doctor's prescription.

Side effects like drowsiness, increased blood pressure, depression, nervousness, tiredness, irritability may show up during its initial stage of intake and it ceases once system adjusts to the infusion of Phentermine in the body. If side effects like chest pain, fainting, swelling of feet or trouble in breathing and decreased ability to exercise occurs, one should seek medical attention.

Obesity is a health risk which may give rise to future diseases like heart diseases, hypertension, prostate cancer and many more. It is better to avoid these future diseases rather than to fight them. It is not important which diet pill or method you use to get out of it, but what is important is to get out of it at the earliest. Phentermine is weight loss diet pill which has helped many get out of it and if you wish to get out of obesity consult your doctor now.

Phentermine diet pill has been in use as an appetite suppressant for decades yet it has not lost its charm of giving the required results. And that is reason why it is been in use for this long. With time different formulations of appetite suppressants came in its path to take over it but it has stood the test of time. At present Xenical, Hoodia and Acomplia are such drugs which are competing against it in obesity reduction. Only time would tell which drug performs effectively and consistently.

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