Phentermine: the Route to Obesity Free Life

by : Joseph Jones

Phentermine is not new name in the weight loss drug market; innumerable people have lost extra weight with its help. Those who have used it know that it is a powerful appetite suppressant. In obesity, an appetite suppressant can do what a rigorous fitness program cannot. People are well aware about the fact that obesity is a disease generated by improper dietary habits and life style. This reason is applicable in around 90% cases of obesity. Imbalance in diet can have three folds. Dependency on calorie rich diet, eating low calorie food but in excess and simultaneously adopting both practices are the three folds of improper dietary habits. An inappropriate life style keeps us away from physical work, which paves the path for obesity.

A proper appetite suppressant like Phentermine can save us from all sorts of dietary and food habit generated obesity. Phentermine stimulates hypothalamus and certain neuro-transmitters. Hypothalamus is the control panel of many activities of a body. Brain passes many orders through this channel; this is done with secretion of certain fluids. Influence of Phentermine over your hypothalamus does not allow it to generate uncontrolled urged for food. All three types of dietary irregularities would be in your control with the use of Phentermine.

It is an oral-prescription medication so it should be taken only on a doctor's prescription. This is a short-term medication, which is generally not prescribed for a period longer than 12 weeks. Phentermine has Phentermine Hydro Chloride as its active ingredient and it contains no Ephedra. If we leave aside the cases of certain cardio-vascular complications, there is no difficulty in getting a doctor's prescription for Phentermine usage.

This medication is available in pills and capsules of 15mg, 30mg and 37.5mg. The general prescription volume of Phentermine is 37.5mg. Whenever, this volume is prescribed for you, the dosages would be a single pill daily, which should be taken on empty stomach. An hour before breakfast is the ideal time to take this medication. In tablet form, the active ingredient of Phentermine is wrapped in a coating, which is an inactive material so that there would be no change in the chemical matrix of drug. The capsules of Phentermine also come with similar arrangement. So, never break, crush or chew, any of the tablet or capsule of Phentermine. This can lead to some harmful changes in chemical matrix of this medication.

Phentermine can cause some mild side effects like dizziness, nausea, stomach disorder and growth in rate of heartbeats. These side effects of Phentermine are temporary and vanish within a few days. If doctor's instructions are followed strictly, this medication is unlikely to give any side effect.

Among the various method of drug purchase, none gives you convenience and cheaper rate like an online order. With almost every online order you get this medication at your doorstep. Buy Phentermine online and take the route to obesity free life.