Ionamin: Kill the Excessive Hunger

by : Joseph Jones

To hear all jokes centered on you can be quite hard-hitting on your confidence. Is obesity the sole factor of your physical and mental tantalization? If you are nodding to a 'YES', then Ionamin is what you require to end your agony. Ionamin is a prescription weight loss medication, which belongs to a class of drugs known as anorexiants or appetite suppressants. Ionamin derives its name from its active constituent, Ionamin.

It works by stimulating your central nervous system and creating a feeling of satiety. This activity in turn makes you to stay satisfied even with small potions of food. If you have a sensitive stomach, then Ionamin is just the right weight loss medication for you.

Usage of Ionamin is specifically recommended for individuals with a BMI 30 or BMI 27 with obesity related risk factors such as high cholesterol, diabetes. BMI or Body Mass Index can be understood as a calculated amount of height in proportion to your body weight. The higher your BMI or BMI, the more chances you have to become a victim of health hazards.

Ionamin is available in the strengths of 15mg and 30mg. The dosage for Ionamin may vary from individual to individual depending upon your body weight, medical conditions. Ionamin tablets should be consumed half an hour before your breakfast with a glassful of water. Swallow them as a whole, as chewing or crushing the tablet may change its chemical composition. There is no need to panic if you miss a dose. Just pass over the skipped dosage and continue with your scheduled dosage. Combine your Ionamin medication with proper dietary habits and regular workouts for effectual weight loss results. Adhere strictly to your doctors' prescription.

You may experience a few side effects as a result of bodily changes to the Ionamin medication. These Ionamin side effects usually evade within a short passage of time. Some of the side effects that usage of Ionamin may source can be enlisted as:

Upset stomach
Dry mouth

Incase, these or any other side effects persist for over an extended period of time, ask for immediate medical assistance. Make your doctor well-aware pertaining to your medical record as it can keep you away from medical mishaps. You should refrain from intake of Ionamin if you fit in either of the conditions:

Use of MAOI
History of drug abuse
Pulmonary artery hypertension
Expectant women, women with child bearing potential or nursing mothers
For more information as to which condition can debar you from usage of Ionamin, a before hand consultation with a doctor is suggested.

Realise the importance of staying fit with Ionamin. You can buy or order Ionamin online with the help of various online pharmacies. An online Ionamin order can fetch you a cheaper rate apart from the convenience of making a purchase at the comfort of your home.