The Falls

by : Nelson Roque

OK, I took one week off from posting but yes, it feels like I have been gone for a year! lol I was on a family cruise to the sunny western Caribbean islands of Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Dominican Republic.

Any how my family and I headed to Jamaica to see the Dunn's River Falls.

All that I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.

It is without a doubt THE most beautiful place that I have EVER seen in my entire life. Truly beautiful, breath taking and life changing.

OK, IT was amazing!!!

We climbed Dunn's River Falls, a 900 feet rocky river mountain. Now, that may not sound like a lot to you, but I am NOT known for my coordination lol, known well for quite the opposite!

My parents were a bit concerned about how I would do without ropes but I did it!

I did it!!!

I have ONE small scratch on my knee and arm that is IT! I had visions of me slipping off the rocks and someone having to save me from drowning--but that didn't happen or even close to it!

I did it!

I really can't believe that I did, but I did. I am so proud of myself that I pulled myself up to rocks that were tall.

My brother and nephews urged me on, telling me that I was doing great, that I could do it and to "keep going". I even took a dip in one of the pools they have on a cliff, when we were considering turning around and heading down rather than try to go higher. I said "we can do it" and I just started doing it! And, I did it! We started off by creating a link of people holding hands and so the climb began with each step we took we encouraged both the person behind us and the person in front of us, if one slipped we would pause and say YOU CAN DO IT! and surely enough that person would dust him/herself off and step on the stone again and continue to climb the falls with the helping hands of the others cheering them on.


To succeed in this journey of transformation one needs not to do it alone but to create a support system that will encourage them when they fall off the band wagon or in this case they slip on a rock OUCH!

I have never had such an empowering experience in my life.

I realized what made me capable of doing something that NEVER before in my life had I ever thought I would be able to do; CONFIDENCE!

I think that a lot of my past could be summed up by lacking in confidence.

I didn't think I was smart. I didn't think I would ever lose weight. I didn't think I was as good as other people. I didn't think people would want to listen to what I had to say...

Hear those rotten voices in your head too?

Well, the GREAT news is that YOU have the ability to change!

All it takes to get your confidence soaring is to stick to something that you say you want to do.

PICK ONE thing that you would like to change about your life, and DO it. If you pick weight loss, can't do that all at once, so pick ONE action that you can do that will get you moving in the right direction of weight loss--ONE action and do it.

Consistency of your actions over time leads to great changes in your life.

I climbed Dunn's River Falls! ANYTHING is possible!

"Determination is breaking down seemingly impossible tasks by concentrating on achievable goals"

That is how you climb a mountain and that is how you lose pounds....ONE task at a time! People you don't have to live in an obese body, there is empowerment within you to change your life in an instant.

Stop trying to ride the wagon, the fall is hard and unnecessary! Start realizing success by pulling your own wagon and bust your unhealthy habits--they very things that cause us to FALL off of the various FAD wagons, the South Beach Wagon, the Sonoma Wagon, the low carb/high carb/high fat/low fat Wagon, the Jenny Craig Wagon, the Weight Watchers Wagon, etc....try the little wagon that could this time.....YOU!