Healthy Diets - Lose Weight, Live Longer and Avoid Disease

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

The diet enclosed is balanced it will help you lose weight give you more energy and is proven to help you live longer and protect you against disease and it provides a huge amount of foods you can eat so you will never be bored.

What is this healthy diet? Read on and find out.

It's the Mediterranean diet.

It is in the news again as its proven to help protect against disease and help you live longer ( due to one super oil we will discuss later ) first consider the following:

In contrast to Northern Europe and North America

1. People live longer in countries such as Spain Greece and Italy.

2. People have far less risk of getting cancer such as colon breast and ovarian.

3. Obesity rates are significantly less.

The super food that has put it back in the news is:

Olive oil. Just taking a small amount of oil per day in clinical tests showed that it protects against cell damage and after just two weeks people who did not have olive oil in their diet saw a large drop in free radical damage.

Olive oil is a major part of the Mediterranean diet, but is only part of why the diet is so healthy.

Oily Fish

Another major part of the diet is oily fish such as mackerel, sardines and salmon.

Oily fish are a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats and the complex long chain derivatives of these fats are good for heart health due to the fish's anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory properties, which aids circulation.

The major components of the diet are:

&bull Consumption of olive oil daily

&bull High consumption of fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals (such as pasta, beans, nuts and seeds).

&bull Moderate to high consumption of fish and poultry.

&bull Moderate consumption of wine.

&bull Low consumption of eggs and red meat.

The Mediterranean Diet seems unusual as fat is given such weight in the diet.

It actively encourages people to eat more mono-saturated fats to become healthier.

It works on the notion monounsaturated fats (such as olive oil) which balances animal fat.

Monounsaturated fats are 'good' fats which are required for the body to function at its best.

Advocates of the Mediterranean diet also stress that red wine, should be consumed frequently as it is a significant factor in reducing heart disease.

Red wine is renowned for the antioxidants contained such as bioflavonoid, which helps to eliminate bad toxins in the body.

It works!

Medical research shows how healthy it is, so consider this:

If you are a dieter you can eat a huge amount of food, never be bored and drink wine as well!
Anyone who wants to live longer, protect themselves against disease and be healthier and slim should consider it.