Weight Loss and Self-belief

by : MN Nikk

What does it takes for a man to aspire to reach the stars? Just a steady supply of will power and self-belief, an iron will can work wonders.

Self esteem is generally low in people who are addicted to eating. Their desire to lose weight reflects a desire to boost their morale. The overweight person has no lack of good intentions. He makes resolutions, a dime a dozen, not to indulge in pizzas and burgers, but the mere sight of these delicacies, has him drooling. He lacks the will to refuse. Weight loss is perhaps more a battle that is played in the head than in the body.

Will power - Do we have it?

We are slaves of our own desires. Our resolutions take a back seat at the sight of our favorite dishes. With such frail will power, no weight loss measures work. Most of us have the power to make plans to lose weight but lack the will power to sustain it. We can reap the benefits of dieting and exercise only if we have the will power to persevere. It is very simple to lose weight, but difficult to maintain.

Can we do something about it?

Reaffirm everyday that you will lose weight. Make a weight loss program with proper diet and exercise sessions and prime yourself to stick with it. It is good to join a weight loss group, as group activities sustain longer. If by any chance, you increase your intake, prepare yourself mentally to increase the work-out sessions too. Record your improvements and give yourself small treats to celebrate progress. It will boost your spirits. Inform your friends and family, it will help you adhere to your plan. Set a target for yourself and mentally visualize the results.

If you are struggling to make the lifestyle changes necessary to take control of your weight then there are clinically proven weight loss products available that can help you take your first steps. Clinically proven medical device products such as Proactolâ„? can help you to manage your weight more easily. Dr. Adam Carey from ITV's Celebrity Fit Club said "Taken after food, Proactolâ„?, made of non-soluble and soluble fibers, immediately attaches to fats found floating on the surface of the stomach. This creates a fat-fiber complex that is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine, allowing the fat to pass naturally through the body."

Dr. Carey added, "Ideally people need to adopt a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a balanced diet, however, we need to recognize that many people find it hard to take that first step. Proactolâ„? can provide some initial support by binding dietary fat, decreasing food cravings, suppressing appetite and reducing blood cholesterol."

It is important for you to remember that if you are going to take weight loss pills to help you with your weight loss, then you must do your research first. Not all weight loss pills are clinically proven to do what they claim and some can be potentially harmful to your health. Proactolâ„? is a clinically proven medical device product with safety and efficacy assessed under the medical device directive MDD 93/42/EEC. You could also ask your doctor for other medical device products or visit the Proactolâ„? website for more details.