Choose your Way to Shape

by : Cathrine

Weight loss method has to be tailor-made to suit each individual.

The difficulty about diets is that there is no standard one or so many to suit as many. The basic to this difficulty is that no two of us as biological entities are identical. Nature has built us differently and hopelessly so differently that a diet that is good for one in terms of volume or content is not good for the other.

The difference in energy levels, energy consumed against the energy spent, the metabolic rates, the habits, the differences are varied and many.

Whereas all science behind any development in general and diet pills in particular is about standardizing the problems and shooting them with one standard solution. That is where it goes hunky and dory. The best may not have the same effect not to talk about their side effects.

"I was on one of the popular diet pills which were not giving me so many benefits; whereas the side-effects were too many and too persisting to ignore; the same pill was fine for my hubby, who would just go from one pill to another with an ease as if the pills were made exclusively for him," says Susan. Susan is an obese since her childhood and married a man even more obese than her.

Although she demonstrated weight loss of 2.5 kg a month, she was unable to keep up with her reduced self for long and on the top of that the side-effects like nausea, loss of energy and stomachache were bothering her too much.

Susan was a case of frustration hit by confusion as to what to do with her body mass index which was disproportionate. Dieting too would add to her hardships as she was famishing all day long.

All this before she hit upon the traditional system of yoga which she combined with one of the diet pills. The breathing exercise regime under the system of yoga did the trick. She discovered she was able to lose about 4-5 kilos per month without reducing much on her diet. Susan got the salvation in her new weight loss system which suits her and she enjoys sticking to it.