Insider Secrets That Keep Women From Losing Fat and Inches

by : heather picken

When it comes to losing fat many women are making huge mistakes and as a result they are not getting the results they want.

1. Doing the same exercise routine

Women who do the same workout over and over without changing it will notice after awhile it stops producing results and they immediately become frustrated! To start burning fat again change your routine around (the sequence in which you perform your exercises).

2. Doing too much cardio

I find a lot of women do too much cardio and never get the results they want! One of the reasons is that doing too much and not eating enough will slow down your metabolism.

3. Not doing a fat-burning workout

Most women who don't see results as fast as they want to are not working out with enough intensity! You don't need to spend hours in the gym to blast fat. Focus on intensity to where you are breathing heavy and sweating. Women who participate in a boot camp program or circuit training can easily accomplish this type of workout.

4. Doing cardio the wrong way

Reading magazines or talking on the phone when doing cardio, it becomes a "social hour" and if you are looking to burn more fat you need to work a little harder so that holding a conversation is challenging.

5. Not doing any resistance training

Most women will focus on only cardio and are either afraid to lift weights or don't realize the incredible fat-burning benefits. Your metabolism is elevated throughout the day when you weight train. Whereas with cardio it only stays elevated when you are doing it and only a few hours after that.

6. Lifting too light

Lifting light and lots of reps is not going to help you burn more fat, it is the intensity of the load (with the weights) that you are lifting. Don't be afraid to challenge your muscles, it will only help you burn more fat!

7. Having the wrong workout for your body type

If you want to create a more pleasing look to sculpt your body then you need to focus on training that body part. For example, if you have a weak upper body and it does not match the rest of your body, then your workouts should focus more on that part first!

8. Not doing cardio at the right times

Most women do cardio before weight training, which is not the most effective way to burn fat. The best way to burn more fat is to do your resistance training first then immediately follow cardio. This enables your body to burn more fat efficiently since it has burned off your glycogen (stored energy), plus you will have more energy to lift weights!