Dieting to Lose Weight Permanently

by : heather picken

I think every woman has gone on a diet in her life, and what I find is that most women that diet will gain the weight back and then some! In fact 95% of women who go on diets will FAIL.

Most of us know that's so why do we do it? There are many reasons, to undo some bad eating habits, getting ready for a special event, they want to feel better about themselves, health reasons, and I'm sure you could give me many more.

I want to tell you a story of a client "Ann", who suffered from chronic dieting she had been dieting since she can remember but what really damaged her metabolism is when she did a year of a liquid diet. Yes, that's right drinking nothing but shakes and absolutely no food!

Can you imagine that, not one bite of solid food in an entire year?

She told me it didn't mater because her weight was dropping and she lost 100 lbs from this and was at her ideal weight. From there, she started eating normally, which most women do when finished with a diet. As a result, she gained all the weight back and then some! Finally she came to me for help she was desperate and didn't want to be on more thyroid drugs and shakes.

I want to explain why dieting never works if you want permanent results.

Your metabolism becomes suppressed from all the dieting and once you introduce food back into your diet your body immediately gains the weight back and then some. You develop a slower, fatter metabolism and you are worse off then before.

A huge mistake women make when trying to get leaner is that they weigh themselves. For some reason it is still ingrained in women's head that weighing yourself is progress. When you weigh yourself you are weighing your skin, hair, and fluids in your body. That is why you can go on a diet and lose 10 lbs. in a week, but guess what it's not fat; most of the weight loss is muscle and water. Muscle weighs more than fat so you could weigh 150 pounds on the scale, be a size 6, and look like you weigh 125 pounds. You want to think of food as fuel and the more you eat the more fat you will burn. I often get women telling me they can't eat anymore food. That is actually a good thing, feeling satisfied everyday and not having those hunger pains.

Are you doomed if you have been dieting? No, you can actually repair your metabolism with food and exercise. This will depend on how much dieting you have been doing. The key is to be patient and realize if you do things the right way your metabolism will get faster.

Can I still eat foods like pizza and lose unwanted fat? Absolutely!

Once your metabolism is super-charged you would be surprised how you can easily still eat your favorite foods and not get fat. I have showed women how to easily do this and they are amazed at the results.

Will my metabolism get back to where it was when I was younger?

Each time you diet your metabolism will become a little slower, so it will take longer to get results. The good thing is that you can undo a lot of dieting damage.

Any diet will make you lose weight but how many of them will keep them off? If you know the fundamentals of eating what I call fat-burning foods and exercising to burn the most fat.

What about "Ann"?

Currently she is working on eating whole foods and resetting her metabolism and within a few weeks her body fat as decreased and more importantly she is doing things the right way. I know she wishes it could happen faster, but I assured her doing it this way will be permanent in the long run.