Eat More and Lose Weight!

by : Kate Barker

Eat More.......

Losing weight does not go hand in hand with feeling hungry all the time as some of you guys may worry about. Now I know you need to keep your stamina up (wink wink) so here are some healthy weight loss principles which will allow you to eat and lose weight – yes really! Let’s call it the eat more guide.

So eat more…………

Fruit and veg

Low in calories and fat but jam packed with lots of nutritional benefits. Use to bulk out a meal to fill you up or snack on fruit throughout the day to stop the hands delving into the biscuit tin mid morning!


Helps the whole digestive process, plus wholegrains keep you feeling full for longer as they are a lower GI food (if you don’t know what I’m on about now just trust me on this one). Simple switches like trading in the white bread for brown or having wholegrain pasta and brown rice will have the pounds dropping off without you even feeling like you are trying.


Great if you are trying to build up muscle plus protein will keep you feeling full up for longer. So if you find you are snacking during the afternoon try adding more protein to your lunch. Add tuna, chicken or prawns to your sandwich or maybe a pasta salad and you’ll lose fat and retain more lean body mass. Some people, when dieting will end up losing muscle as opposed to fat if they are not careful, which is something I guess you lot don’t want.


Go for the low fat varieties e.g. low fat yogurts, semi-skimmed milk, low fat cottage cheese. The result - strong bones, you’ll be thankful of that later on. Plus all that good bacteria in yoghurts will help keep you healthy.


I know you are always being told to drink your 2 litres a day but that’s because it really does make a difference. It will raise your metabolism, and have your body working at its optimum. Plus thirst can often be mistaken for hunger as the trigger signals are the same for both. So keep sipping that water and you will reduce your calorie intake without even being conscious of it.

So then lads, what are you waiting for? Tuck in!!