How to Stop Getting Fat

by : Chitawee Wongtapha

If you would like to success in your diet, you have to choose what food you will eat and not affect to your weight, that it won't make you get starving and affect to your health as well.

Carbohydrate helps you're long full.

Carbohydrate is a great benefit of nutrient for you health and let you get full in long time as well. It doesn't make you apparently get fat as eating oily food and it also help you get well in your defecation. For example of carbohydrate food are brown rice, coarse rice, taro, and beans.

The popular food for dieter

The food which is suitable for whoever is being on diet is Carbohydrate. It is valuable for your health and not makes you often feel hungry. The carbohydrate food you eat, it should not be in high cholesterol one or its cooking process is deep frying. Besides, the kinds of meats which you should eat are fish, chicken or any avian meat. And also, you don't forget to drink fresh water at least 8 glasses a day or low fat milks and avoid sweets and soft drinks as well.

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