How to Understand Weight Loss

by : Donald Mckenzie Jr

Nearly everyone will forever have a love - hate relationship with their bathroom scale. With the drastic increase in obesity cases in America, the importance of keeping overall body fat minimal becomes the most important issue to everyone's health.

What does it really mean to be obese? This says that thirty percent or more of your overall body weight is fat. When this happens, your body has already began to shut down in specific areas. Things affected by high body fat levels are; blood pressure, cholesterol, bone density, energy levels, and the immune system.

What is happening is that muscle burns more calories than fat. If you have less muscle then you are obviously going to burn less fat each day. To make matters worse, aging naturally decreases muscle mass. The goal is to slow the natural process down. The big question now becomes How do you do this?

Having synergy in your workout plan can basically mean the difference between losing one or two pounds. The four main areas to synergy are, good eating habits, heart exercising, strength training, and flexibility. When all four areas are working well, your body will literally become a fat-burning machine.

As your body fat levels decrease over time from your diet and exercise; blood pressure, stress, and cholesterol levels will lower resulting in your strength, confidence and, stamina increasing.

Are the numbers on the scale important? The truth is, at a certain level they are a concern. The major factor is keeping your body fat levels in check at all times.

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