Eat More, Lose Weight

by : MN Nikk

The annoying thing about diets is you tend to lessen the food you eat and get hungry easily. It's not easy to say no to delicious food when your stomach is so hungry craving for anything just to fill your tummy. Dieting is nonsense if you'll continue eating anything you feel like eating. In order to lose weight, you need to have a healthy eating plan that will keep you full for a long period of time. Losing weight without getting hungry? Yes, it's possible!

Being Aware of the Food You Eat

You have to eat MORE, not less, to stay full for longer but it all depends on the type and amount of food that you eat. Make yourself aware of what is in your food so that you'll know how much you can eat compared to other foods. For example, there are 100 calories in just ? of a cup of raisins but for 100 calories you can also have 2 ? cups of strawberries. Obviously, the strawberries will keep you full for longer as you will be having more of them for the same amount of calories as the raisins.

So, you need to know what you are eating and its equivalent in order to eat more and still lose weight.

Eating the Same Amount Every Day Is Essential

Diets fail because they lessen their food intake. Now basically your stomach is used to eating the same amount every day. It is not interested in how many calories you are taking in or how much fat is in each meal, it just wants the same amount every single day.

This means that you do have to find better foods which you can eat more of. One thing that you could do is to make your usual foods a little healthier by substituting something with something else. For example, if you enjoy a nice fried breakfast, you do not have to stop having your favorite meal completely and opt for a smoothie instead. All you have to do is grill various breakfast items such as sausages and bacon and that way you will cut down on quite a lot of the calories. So, you can still have your big breakfast, you just have to make it a little healthier.

You do need to eat as much as you currently were but you just have to make it healthier. You can have nuts, seeds and fruit for snack to ease any cravings and be more food conscious when creating a main meal. You have a choice of not getting hungry to lose weight when you're knowledgeable enough of the food you eat.

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