Increase Strength Using Resistance Training

by : Danial Dawood

Have you ever thought or daydream about having a more powerful and a simply stunning body? You can achieve such results by getting up on your feet now and start working out the resistance training way.

If you have seen exercises that work the muscles properly by including the use of weights, machines and even one's own body weight then you are most likely to be looking at resistance training in action.

Some people calls it strength training or weight training and this techniques are very effective in shaping a healthier body.

Usually training method like this is used by athletes who need to build up their bodies. So it is no surprise that many people would assume that when resistance training is executed, the body will grow larger.

The truth is that it will not become that way at all.

It is the strength of the body that will rise and not the muscle size whenever resistance training is applied.

This methods can be trained by anyone since what it does is to build and tone the body's muscle thus giving it a more pleasing look.

Even the senior citizens can be allowed into this program. This group of people will undergo training steps that are suitable for them like standing free-weights resistance or the medium intensity seated machine training.

Bench press, dumbbell or barbell are some of the many workout equipments and machines that is associated with a resistance training program.

When such equipment is used, the muscle is put to the challenge against those weight.

By adapting to the extra weight, the cells of the body will then result to hypertrophy or the expanding and increasing of the nerve cells to assist with the muscle contraction.

It is a good practice to first consult with your doctor before commencing any form of resistance training. This is especially important for people who are diagnosed with any medical conditions or are overweight.

Take note that this kind of program is not one of those thing that you can delve into on your own. The knowledge of getting the proper equipment according to the needs of your body is essential.

Another crucial aspect to consider is to have your body conditioned initially before you start working with the weights.

Although the weights provide great leverage for your workout sessions, resistance training can also be achieved without applying those equipments.

Push-up is one wonderful example because it can be done at any place as long as you have enough space for movement. In this case, your muscles are being challenged by you own body mass.

The various benefits of resistance training are as follow.

Throughout your resistance training program, the bones are consistently remodeling. What this mean is that the muscle tissues break down at the very same moment they build up.

The peak of this modifying process occurs during puberty but as you grow older there may be issues with the bone mineral density since the remodeling may not be as functioning as before. Post-menopausal women will experience this problem more apparently.

Bone mineral density is mostly backed by the hormones.

To solve the issue of the lack of hormones to keep up the bone mineral density, physical workout is the option to take with resistance training as one type of activity that you can consider as a solution.

Resistance training program will produce strong bones and muscles as long as you commit to the workout.

When your body can perform the exercises with considerable amount of weight, your capabilities to tackle a more strenuous activities will great increase.

You are more likely to lead an active lifestyle because that lazy feeling is minimized.

Challenging your muscle with the weights will definitely melt away those undesirable fats. Believe that the body tone will shape up and as you become leaner, you will start to look better.

For the elderly, committing to resistance training will assist in their recuperation process and minimize the risks associated with the age.

They are able to perform basic task without the need of help from other people. Being more independent like this can absolutely decrease the danger of injuries to them.

With consistent sessions of resistance training, you can be assured of a lowered heart rate and also lowered blood pressure. This is especially true after any exercise and the risk of heart disorders is reduced greatly.

However, this kind of program must be done correctly with commitment and long term consistency.

Follow the schedule as recommended by your doctor or trainer and do it regularly. If not done properly, the benefits of the training may not be achieved and could result in injury.

The main point here is to just take your time by doing the motion correctly one step at a time.

Once your body is conditioned to take the training, you can proceed to a more demanding tasks. How strong your body will become and its look on the whole are at stake in such resistance training program so just be sure to enjoy it properly.