Do Weight Loss Cures Really Exist?

by : MN Nikk

What does weight loss cure mean? What do people hope to achieve when they try such a program? And are there any effective weight loss cures that just work for everybody?

Many people expect pills to solve their weight related issues. This would be a heaven sent gift for so many of us struggling to maintain a healthy weight but it's just not going to happen.

And no, you won't find a program that will help you lose 30 pounds in a month and stay at your newfound healthy weight. But what can you realistically expect from weight loss cures and dietary supplements?

I do believe that if you expect to achieve a radical change in your lifestyle within a month or even half a year, then you are on the wrong track. Old habits die hard and if you are the type that eats double-cheeseburgers with an extra-large serving of fries or a whole tablet of chocolate all at once then you will not be able to give up your favorite food for an extra helping of steamed broccoli. It's not that you don't know what's healthy and what's not, but it's hard to make drastic changes over short periods of time. Plus, giving up comfort food makes us feel depressed.

What you can do is very simple. You must see all the weight loss cures as guidelines and all the pills and dietary supplements as props that will help you achieve your goal easier even though they won't do the work for you.

Try to understand the logic behind all these programs and how the supplements interact with your body and make a plan. Make a realistic plan.

Don't try to eat only "good foods" right from day one. You will never be able to stick to such a healthy program and you will very soon come to the conclusion that your weight loss cure of choice is not what you were looking for. Plus, you will think you are not up to such a challenge and your self-esteem will suffer greatly from a defeat in an area where not only your body-image is concerned, but your health too!

A good starting program would be to walk once a week for 30 minutes. Not run, just a brisk walk and only once a week. "Come on", you'll say, "that's too easy".

Yes, it is very easy. In six months from now on, you should walk 3 to 5 times a week for 30 minutes. It still sounds easy enough. It is achievable. It is something you can do without having to put up with great changes in your lifestyle.

This means you will adjust without feeling that you have to trade your well being for healthy living.

You want more easy things to do?

Try to gradually eliminate sweet carbonated drinks. It should take you about a year and half to accomplish this task. It's really harder to give up high-energy food than to learn to walk as much as possible. Stressful city life takes its toll on everybody and anything that contains sugar and/or caffeine becomes and instant hit with us humans.

You can try drinking tea and chicory based beverages that resemble coffee very much. You can, I am sure, trade one can of sugary caffeine for a cup of tea or a glass of orange juice.

Given time, your weight loss cure will yield great results. Your body and your mind will never feel deprived and you will be able to achieve a much healthier lifestyle without even having to think about it all that much!