Are Natural Weight Loss Pills Effective?

by : MN Nikk

When it comes to getting help with weight loss, most people think about pills rather than about a gym room. It's something almost magical about our pills - we have a pill for anything and everything - and it is so thoroughly embedded in our minds that a lot of marketers thought about making some money with herbal supplements for weight loss.

The simple truth is that pills alone won't make you thinner. There are a number (a very small number) of natural weight loss pills that can help you achieve better results and make significant changes in your life style. Honest marketers will never claim that all you have to do is to take the pill and that's it, you lose all the fat deposits you have in a matter of days or weeks.

Natural weight loss pills don't actually make you lose any fat at all. Then why do we buy them anyway? Is this placebo effect taken to extreme? Natural weight loss pills usually work on a certain aspect of our body chemistry.

Some plants are well known for inhibiting the hunger pangs, some plant extracts protect the body from absorbing all the nutrients you get in your food and others contain compounds that react with fat molecules and make them a "tough cookie" for your digestive system.

Herbal weight loss pills on the other hand are advertised as the wonder cure of the century. You will lose weight, have a great looking skin, build muscle tissue and be more fertile than ever before! Who can resist trying them at least once in their lives?

If you believe it's too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Don't waste your money. There are no tests out there to prove that herbal concoctions are any good. There is no evidence to support their claims and that's the end of the story!

I will give you two examples of what is a good thing to try if you need a little help losing weight: Green Tea and Proactolâ„? (based on a cactus extract). Everybody knows green tea is good for their health. There are studies out showing green tea can help suppress an appetite because it boosts the metabolism. An added bonus: green tea is an antioxidant possessing properties that address certain cancers.

Nevertheless, green tea contains caffeine and should not be abused. Drinking to much green tea can cause nerves to be over-stimulated, promote insomnia and make one anxious and irritable. You should not drink Green Tea if you are on an estrogen therapy or taking birth control pills.

Proactolâ„? also works by suppressing appetite and boosting the metabolism. In addition to this it has been proved that it can bind a certain amount of fat and prevent the body from absorbing it. The bonus you get from Proactolâ„? is that there is no caffeine involved in the process, making it a lot safer for people who need to watch their caffeine intake.