The "will Power" to Lose Weight

by : Leorita Seneres-Velasquez

Ever heard of the body is willing but the mind is resisting or vise versa? Most people try to lose weight half-heartedly and they end up doing a Yo-Yo diet, i.e. will go on diet for a few weeks and back to unhealthy eating again afterwards. This also happens perhaps because we try to lose weight for the wrong reasons. It could be that we have an upcoming reunion and we want to fit into the size 6 dress that we just bought or maybe we're tired of hearing people calling us names such as flabber, rhino, whale, etc. What about after the reunion? Or what about after you shut up the mean peeps? Without the "will power" you won't make anything right; or if you do, at least not for long.

How to obtain the "will power"?

Would you believe if I tell you that obtaining the will power to lose weight is by being self-centered? Yes, think no one but yourself. If you gain more weight than you do now who would suffer the most when you become obese and can not even stand on your own? Being overweight is, needless to say, jeopardy to your health. You will either have diabetes or hypertension. Either way will both result in reducing your chances to live longer. Life is beautiful! And it will be most wonderful when you can enjoy all the amazing things in life by being physically fit.

The will power is futile if it's not coming from within. No matter how many people will persuade us to lose weight, in the end, it will be entirely up to us on how we will deal with our own health. But if our mindset is focused towards obtaining freedom from any physical illness and real happiness in the long run then the genuine will power would just flow easily.

Live and stay Healthy!

To live and stay healthy we recommend a balanced diet, a few minutes or at least an hour of exercise a day, and PROACTOL.

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