Proshape Rx

by : johneypetter

I've always been overweight. Ever since I was a kid, I have always liked food and hated exercising. Staying at home in front of the TV, playing console games, or at the computer always seemed much more fun than going out. I've never been able to match the other guys in sports because I could not run fast enough, so I used to keep clear of outdoor games. Because of this, I had few friends and I was always unhappy with my life. I hated school and all those who made fun of me, especially since I could not afford to talk back to boys who could easily hurt me.

As the years passed, I gained more and more weight and spent more and more time indoors. My girlfriend dumped me, probably for a better looking guy, and my friends didn't like to come around to my place any more than I liked going to theirs. That's when I started thinking about losing weight through dieting. Despite the loneliness and fear of facing other people, I still refused to admit that something might be wrong with me. Dieting sounded interesting, but the idea of denying myself good food was appalling. One might say that I lived for eating at that time. That's probably why my early attempts at dieting were complete failures.

When I first read about ProShape RX on the Internet I thought "There's no way a pill can curb the feeling of hunger". I was sure that the whole idea was a scam, but it had me thinking. The reason why I had always failed to stick to a diet was the strong feeling of hunger. So I figured that a pill that takes the hunger away could really help me. Later I saw the impressive list of signed testimonials featured on the ProShape RX website and I felt certain that ProShape RX could help me, too. I ordered my first supply of pills and it was a major turning point in my life. I knew that if I defeated my hunger I would really lose weight and I was right.

I have already lost a couple of pounds and I'm not going to quit. I've also started going to the gym and I feel ready to try my hand at socializing. I know that my socializing skills are practically zero, but I might as well start sooner than later. I have a long road before me, but I am committed and sure of myself. I think that overweight people should really consider letting ProShape RX help with the dreaded feeling of hunger. It certainly worked for me.

ProShape RX