6 Weight Loss Secrets Skinny Women Use to Stay Slim

by : Adrian R. Bryant

Skinny Woman

1.Skinny women believe in eating regular small meals and not overeat...The secret to being a Skinny woman is to eat regularly, small meals 4-6 times a day so that you make up for your calorie requirements for the day without overeating.

The idea is to give a gap of only 2-3 hours between your meals to remain a Skinny Woman

To be a Skinny woman the trick is never to be hungry or else you tend to overeat and gain excess weight.

2.Optimum Exercise is what Skinny women believe in... Skinny women believe in optimum exercise say an hour a day and not overdoing it.

The secret to being a Skinny woman is to have a good exercise regime of about half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. This kind of an exercise routine would help reduce weight (as early morning exercise results in burning more fat and also exercise in the evening lets your metabolism burn more fat while you are sleeping) and retain that perfect figure.

After you have shed those extra kilos, then to remain the Skinny Women you want to be would take only light exercise 2-3 days in a week.

3.For that Skinny Woman sexy looks...Skinny woman are not only health conscious but also work out to have that great curvy figure and sexy looks

Skinny Woman has toned muscles that not only enhance their beauty but also result in burning fat.

Skinny women eat out very rarely and even if they really go out and pamper their taste buds they do not gain weight as a result of a high metabolism rate with a good exercise regime.

Skinny women take good care of their body and exercise for half an hour 2-3 times a day for that curvy sexy look.

4.Skinny women do not deprive themselves of any food... Skinny Women eat everything that they like but just keep off a few high calorie sugary foods, alcohol ...

Skinny women don't give up on the simple pleasures of life like going to fast food joint, bars or even enjoy a yummy piece of a birthday cake. It's just that they very rarely indulge in such high calorie diet.

For an overweight woman to loose weigh the best thing to do would be to give up a few things like soda, alcohol and high sugary foods.

5.Skinny women believe in supplements... Skinny women know how to use supplements in the right manner.

Skinny women know how their body functions and make use of the knowledge and take supplements when they decide to go on a diet or a strict exercise regime to loose weight.
They do not just have supplements and sit by for the excess weight to just vanish in thin air but make all the efforts required from their side.

For losing weight and enjoy those great looks just put to practice all the tips on the page, but to do it the best and the Skinny Woman way and enjoy life while being Skinny it would be ideal to follow the tips along with a weight loss supplement.

6.Skinny women consume water... Skinny women carry their bottle of water wherever they are. Their bottle goes with them in their car, in the purse, on their worktable, or at home. Even if they don't drink lots of water they avoid coffee, fruit juices and sodas.

Skinny women drink a lot of water in the same manner you would like to drink a diet soda or a fruit juice. Water plays a vital role for the Skinny Woman in losing weight and also has the below mentioned benefits....

?As water intake increases the fat would decrease
?For burning off all that excess fat water is very important
?If you consume approximately 3-4 ounce bottles of this magical fluid -water - then losing weight will not be a problem any more...You will be surprised to see that you have lost an amazing 5 pounds in your very first week of drinking water.

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