Lap Band Surgery

by : John Scott

Is Lap Band Surgery the Appropriate Weight Loss Method for You?

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery, a.k.a. "lap band" surgery is a very popular procedure for obesity patients wanting to overcome the need to eat continuously. In layman terms the lap band weight loss procedure tightens up your stomach to the point where your body feels that your stomach is full much quicker than it normally would.

In reality this happens because the band restricts the movement or flow of food that reaches your stomach. Since the adjustable band is placed above your stomach it will limit the amount of food that flows inside of it. If you try to eat more, the area above your stomach fills up very quickly and your brain gets the message that there is no more space for food. Therefore your desire to eat diminishes.

Benefits of the Lap Band Weight Loss Method

The Lap Band weight loss method allows the very obese (those with a body mass index of 40 or more) to loose weight fairly quickly and with a very low amount of effort. It doesn't require an exercise regime (though exercise would help accelerate the weight loss process) and patients can realistically loose at least 2 or more pounds monthly for over a year.

Drawbacks and Side Effects of the Lap Band Weight Loss Method

Some patients have been known to feel heart burn, stomach pains, and might continuously throw up until the body becomes accustomed to the Lap Band surgery. Another known danger is for the Lap Band to slip to a different position after surgery. Fortunately slippage can be remedied fairly easily and quickly. The lap band has been designed so that it can be adjusted with the least possible interference and can be readjusted without the need for another surgery.
Whether or not the lap band weight loss method is an appropriate solution for you should be decided only after consulting all of your weight loss possibilities with your doctor. There are many factors to consider and just like with any other weight loss method you need to be well informed before you proceed with a lap band surgery. Remember that there exist easier methods of losing weight and suppressing appetite like drugs and exercises.