Is It Possible to Lose Weight Without Exercise

by : John Davenport

It's a common opinion that you can't lose weight without exercising. This view is even advertised by certain "fitness gurus". But this is simply not true. Not being able to lose weight exercise is a myth.

I am not saying that you shouldn't exercise. Exercise is very important to your health and can also contribute to muscle tone and development. But to say that you must exercise in order to lose weight is simply not true.

I am sure you've seen people who work out regularly and yet seem to remain at the same weight, never losing a pound. Just as these people, who work out regularly never succeed to lose weight, some manage a good weight loss without ever going to the gym.

Wonder How? It's all a matter of good nutrition. What you don't put in your mouth does not end up on your thighs or stomach.

If you work around the clock or juggle a job and a family and simply don't have the time to exercise, don't despair. If you change your eating habits and stick to a detailed and professional menu which follows the Shifting Calories method, you'll lose weight.

If you follow the Shifting Calories method, you will, by nutrition alone, maintain a high metabolism, literally turn your body to a fat burning furnace, and lose weight fast. Most importantly, you will maintain your weight loss.