Free Weight Loss Exercise Program

by : Jay O.

If you are trying to lose weight you may agree with the following statements. Knowing how to lose weight isn't the hard part. Actually taking action to lose weight and your continuous effort is the hard part. If these statements are true then when is a weight loss exercise program useful? Is it the cost of a weight loss exercise program that determines your success? What really matters is that you take action by eating healthy and exercising. How can an exercise program help you accomplish weight loss?

1. By getting you to set a specific weight loss goal. When you know how many pounds you want to lose and how fast you want to lose that weight, then you can decide if your program is working for you.

2. By teaching you how to keep track of your calories. Your body burns calories throughout the day and while you are asleep. There are actual estimates of how many calories your body burns per hour from various activities. If you add up your calories burned from your daily routine, sleep, and exercise you can get a good estimate of the total amount of calories your body burns. Most likely, nutrition information is available for most of the foods you eat. So you can add up the total number of calories you consume. If you burn more calories than you consume, then you should loss weight.

3. By motivating you to take action. Everything an exercise program does is useless unless you take action. If an exercise program can not get you to change your eating habits and exercise more frequently then what good is it?

4. By teaching you basic nutrition. The US government has a website that tells you the basic nutrition your body needs for your specific weight, height, sex, and age.

5. By giving you exercise options. You could lose weight from just doing hours of jumping jacks, but most people don't want to do that. If a weight loss exercise program gives you more options then you are more likely to find an activity that you love. Maybe you want your exercise activity to be aerobics or ice-skating. Once you have found an exercise activity that you love, then you will not have to force yourself to do it.

6. By explaining progression. If you start your first week with drastic diet changes and a grueling exercise routine you will probably quit. A weight loss exercise program should start off easy and make gradual changes. Also your routine should keep increasing in difficulty and change form time to time.

If you want to lose weight then look for these steps in a free weight loss exercise program or an expensive one.