Teens Must Combat Obesity

by : Sushil Kumar Singh Raghav

Current studies show that obesity is at its highest rate among teens compared to previous generations. This is something that should be treated seriously because it can cause serious diseases at such a young age.
These alarming developments led to teens wanting to solve this major problem. In order to find a good solution for this, teens must look first on the causes of the rapid rise of obesity.
First, the emergence of fast food chains makes the temptation to eat fat-rich food much stronger. Foods are usually cooked in cholesterol-rich oil and that's something that should be avoided. Preservatives are also added to prolong the lifespan of the food. Unfortunately, it doesn't help to prolong the lifespan of a person. In fact, it is dangerous to one's health, just like smoking.
Second, laziness has become a trend nowadays. Laziness is highlighted here in the sense that most teens no longer engage in strenuous and sweat-inducing activities such as outdoor sports. Most teens just stay at home and play the latest games in their computers, Playstation or Xbox consoles.
Gone are days when teenagers have fun walking around or jogging in the park to lose the nagging fats. It becomes a chore rather than an enjoyable activity to visit friends' house on foot. Mobile phones equipped with unlimited nights and weekends plan make it possible for teens to just talk to their friends without getting out of their own room.
At this point, teens must have the courage to take back the excitement of what used to be by having a strong resolution. It is not too late for teens to want losing weight. Time is what teens have at this point since they have the opportunity to change their outlook. The best part is that the parents are there to give their support and friends are there to join.
The teens must be more active in going to the gym, if they can afford it. If not, then there are a lot of outdoor activities that can still burn excess fats from the body. For example, group sports such as volleyball, basketball or football are great opportunities to lose weight. The entire body works and sweats. It is fun and at the same time, weight is lost without notice.
Of course, teens must also watch what they eat. A healthy snack goes a long way. It is not advisable to stay hungry because it will only encourage the teens to eat more food once they succumb to hunger. More calories are consumed and more fats are lodged in the body.