A Weight Loss Plan

by : Beatrice Stephenson

I your aiming to lose weight, whether it's a lot or just some pounds, a plan will make it easier to stick to your goals. A realistic goal can be important to add. If you set an unrealistic goal you will probably fail and give up in the process.

Let me tell you about my plan and how I lost my pregnancy pounds after my third child. It started when a friend of mine recommended Mbt shoes. I had never heard about them before, but found out on the net that they where a Swiss invention developed for curing athletes from injuries and back pain. As it showed, they had other benefits to, increasing calorie burning when walking with them, as well as improving posture. My friend started to use them when ever she went out for a walk. She really toned and firmed her body that way, so I thought I give it a go too.

I decided to walk thirty extra minutes a day, always with the shoes. If it wasn't possible to walk it all in once, I split the walk up in smaller ones. Just aiming to reach that extra thirty minutes a day. Sometimes I did it all in the evening, for a period before breakfast. When I could fit it in my daily schedule, I walked ten to fifteen minutes on my lunch break and got off the bus one stop earlier on my way home, that way I got my thirty minutes.

Being a mother of three small kids I didn't really have the energy to change anything in my diet. That was my program as a whole, thirty minutes with my Mbt's. I stuck to this for two months or so, before I got up on the scale. But oh my, was it worth it! I had lost eight and a half pounds! Just by walking. Imagine that. I read somewhere that you will lose about 20 pounds in a year by walking 30 minutes a day. Think about how much you will lose if you do only small changes in your eating habits.
So, my recommendation is: get up and start walking! It's easier than you think.