A Weight Loss Exercise

by : Beatrice Stephenson

Do you want a sure fired tip for losing weight? There's no "secret formula" to it, it's no boring or draining dieting. It's simple: walk! Here's the numbers: If you walk an extra half an hour a day, you will lose about 1.5-2 pounds a week. If you walk an hour extra a day you will easily lose three pounds a week. Without changing anything you are eating! Add some small changes to your diet, like eating fruit in the afternoon instead of those cookies during the coffee break, and imagine what it can do for you!

For myself it all started when a friend of mine recommended such a strange thing like Mbt shoes to get my very stubborn pregnancy pounds off. I had never heard of those shoes before, but after some research on the net, I found out that they were also referred to as "cellulite shoes". They are popular among athletes recovering from injuries, and has been written about all over in the papers lately, since both the cast from Sex And The City and Greys Anatomy have used them.

Here's the program I set up, you can use it as an inspiration to create your own program:

I decided to walk half an hour a day extra. That is about 3000 steps. I got a step counter to easily keep track of how much I walked, and I love that little thingy! You get much more motivated when you use it. It's very satisfying to be able to see how many steps you have been taken during the day, and very annoying if you don't have that amounts of steps at the end of the day.

With the Mbt shoes on, I usually walked that extra half an hour on my way to work. When I couldn't do that, I took ten minutes walking on my lunch break, a thing that got me so much more energized in the afternoon and I no longer suffered from those sugar dips, that got me so tired and craving sweets. Then I took an extra walk around the block with the dog in the evening. I split that thirty minutes up when I couldn't do it all at once, walking with the Mbt shoes as much as I could. Guess what? After three weeks I had lost five pounds! Without any changes than the Mbt walking. Inspired by that, I cut the sugar out of my daily food intake and lost even more in the next three weeks: six and a half pounds!

So, it doesn't have to be hard. Just stick with the program you set up, and you will soon see the same results yourself.