Why Should I Eat More Meals To Lose Weight?

by : Thomas Henricks

This may seem like a contradiction, but you can actually double your number of meals per day and yet realize a weight loss.

Yes, you can eat the same amount of food per day and lose weight. The secret is to make the portions smaller and divide that same quantity of food into more meals. Typically you might be eating three meals per day. That is the normal regime for diet conscious people. What you must do is double you number of meals to six.

Your brain is programmed to consume a given quantity of food and burn that number of calories in a time frame that is heavily biased by previous activity. You must not shrug off this fact. Consider the fact that you are having so much difficulty in reducing the quantity of food you consume.

So, how can I lose weight by eating more meals?

I am sure you have said many times "I don't need this, I'm just eating it to eat."
That is a reponse to the strong signals from your brain telling you "You always give me this amount of food and I want it now." Now you know that you are not starving and you know that you have eaten adequately to sustain your body needs for the day.

You still find it necessary to eat more food despite that inner knowledge. Why do you suppose that happens? Doesn't the solution seem easy? Why not just resist eating? Well it's not that simple. The brain has great power and is difficult to change the program.

If the brain has such strong control over our body, why not work with it instead of against it? For the moment we will not even consider trying to change our brain programming and by asking it to accept lower quantities of food.

Let's work with it and give it that amount of food but provide it in more frequent intervals. So by simply doing that, what have we accomplished? We still have not reduced our calorie intake and the body will still have the same raw materials going into the stockroom.

Do you remember the power of the brain? It is accustomed to burning a given number of calories per meal. It remembers that data equally well as it remembers how much food you are providing the body on a daily basis.

The brain is going to try to command our metabolic system to burn the same number of calories at each meal. The key point in weight loss planning, is the fact that you won't be providing that quantity of calories per meal. To satisfy the brain demand that you burn a given number of calories, the metabolic system will seek out and find available calories stored as body fat.

It will then burn off calories that have been previously stored as fat. We all find it easy to accept the fact that the brain is so strong that it stimulates the urge to eat. With that acceptance of the brain's power, we must in turn accept the fact that it also has the power to dictate how many calories are burned in a given period.

So now there must be a valid conclusion here. We can begin losing weight consistantly and never even approach the issue of counting calories.

Now what happens if we tailor that calorie intake a little bit? If we work at it and manage to introduce a bit of calorie reduction along the way, the benefits will be even more dramatic.